Ways And Means

I can’t believe this.
They’re actually doing it.

I remember the first time I heard about this. I thought it was the most rediculous idea I’d ever heard. For the longest time I associated Pat Buchanan with ‘the wall’ becuase I knew he’d used it as a campaign issue way back when. I found it kinda funny that anyone would actually propose such an idea.

Then I found it kinda scary when congress was actually considering it.

Now I find it kinda annoying that they’re actually going to do it.

I’m so frustrated watching everyone try to come up with ways to ‘fix the problem’ while no one is even examining why we have a problem in the first place. Why do people in Mexico want to come over to America? Because the Mexican economy sucks. Why does the Mexican economy suck? I don’t know, and the little isolationist in me is telling me I shouldn’t have to care, because I don’t live there.

But the fact of the matter is that I have to care, because the illigal immigration thing is a problem. It’s been impacting the US economy for a while, and it’s finally coming to a head. I guess I’m just disappointed that the best thing we could think of was a big old wall.

I’m actually more with Bush on this one than is typical. He wants a guestworker program that gives citizenship options to those already here, and guest-employment options to those who want to come over. I think that makes sense. Those that are already living here shouldn’t necesarily get kicked back home, especially when some have been here for several years or more. Additionally, people can still come over here and work, but then they have to go home. That’s my favorite part.

If they take that money and go home and support their own families and feed them and get them medical care and decent housing and stuff, that would be awesome. Think about the Maslow triangle (Higherarchy of Needs, if you want to be technical): once they don’t have to worry about not eating or being on the streets, they can actually focus on being more civicly responsible, self-actualizing, yachting, etc. If they do that, eventually, a long time from now, maybe the Mexican economy will suck less.

Then they won’t need to come over here.
And then everyone will see that the stupid wall is terribly excessive.

And then it won’t just me.


  1. actually, tom, i think the majority of illegal immigrants send most of their wages home in the form of remittances. It’s roughly equal to the amount of money Mexico makes off of oil revenue.

    I agree that the problem is serious underdevelopment in Mexico. Mexican politicians supported NAFTA because they were going to become the low-cost manufacturing center of the Western Hemisphere, before China fucked that all up. So Mexico’s at a bit of a disadvantage. I think if we took the money we’re going to be wasting on that damn wall (which won’t do a bit of good), and poured it into economic development in Mexico, we’d be a lot better off.

  2. Cheers to that. I figured you’d call me on something; but then again I already knew that when I started complaining about foreign nations, much less their economic issues.

  3. sorry sorry you’re a better DXer than I

    i don’t even pay attention to shit anymore

    dude, this tournament is a fuckin’ joke

  4. Or, you know, if they would enforce the laws on the books, we wouldn’t need have a problem this large and "need" a wall in the first place.

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