No Rain

Posted in Life on April 26th, 2007 by Tom

What? Of course! I’d love to have a fire alarm at 2 AM.

I can’t decide what’s worse: The fact that we had to go out in the pouring rain for a fire drill at 2 AM, or the fact that I was still up. I’m banking on the former, which means I have free reign to complain about being all cold and wet.

However, my legitimacy in whining is mitigated by the fact that I came right back inside and blogged about it.

Oh well.

Madel, Du Machst Mir Was Vor

Posted in School on April 25th, 2007 by Tom

Today we had our last real Elementary German II class. It was pretty sad, or ‘trauig’, as Herr Richter put it. I’m sure I spelled that wrong, but I don’t even care.

Case in point, it’s one of the few classes that I’ll be sad to see go. Math was better than usual, but I’m still bad at it. Chemistry was… terrible, suffice to say. So terrible, in fact, that I’m taking my last chemistry class EVER over the summer just to be done with it. And physics wasn’t bad, but like math it’s really hard.

German was my fun class, and I’m sad to see it go. It convinced me to take more German, but I don’t think it’ll be as fun with a different instructor. A prime example of this would be German’s affect on my music tastes. We listened to a little chunk of Beethoven’s 9th; see: [This Past Entry], and I got into classical music. We also listened to this random pop song, and I got obsessed with it.

It’s the title of today’s entry. Additionally, as a special treat, I’ve posted the actual music file. I feel safe in doing this only because I’d be thankful if someone filed litigation against me for this on account of two reasons: 1) They can’t possibly be claiming much in damages because of it. 2) At least then I’d know who I can buy the record from.

So that’s that. Without further ado, I present: [Madel, Du Machst Mir Was Vor]

Broken Toy

Posted in Life, School on April 22nd, 2007 by Tom

Today was a whirlwind of activity. And by today, I of course am referring to a few hours ago. College has put me on a different time-scale. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I never wanted to be THAT familiar with one o’clock, but it and I see each other every night now. How disheartening.

Anyways, this day began with an early brunch, and a few sad attempts at getting real work done. That was quickly forgone for SAB(Student Activities Board)’s Final Blowout, which is exactly what it sounds like. They’re having one more thing for kids to go to, and they get rid of a bunch of random crap in the process.

It’s essentially like a carnival, but all the games and free, because you technically already paid for it with your activities fee. Ian, Leah, Lizz and I all worked together to amass a bunch of tickets to buy… a bunch of junk. At the end of the day, we ended up with a jump rope, a bouncy ball, a snap-bracelet, a photo album, and a Dirty Dancing poster. We got all that in like, an hour. Think of the damage we could’ve done if we’d shown up at 2 when it started.

Next year we’ve all resolved to take it by storm and get something cool, like a movie or a coffee maker. I wanted to win the first season of Grey’s Anatomy so I could smash it with my House-cane, but that was sort of a hard sell for the team as a whole.

After Final Blowout we spent another good hour or so just playing with Lizz’s bouncy ball in front of Centennial before dinner. It was a lot of fun at the time, but by the time we were done, I was pretty sore, and it reminded me how entirely nonfunctional my body is right now, which is sad. Did I mention how broken I am?

My body and I used to have this agreement whereby I ate food that was terrible for me in sparring amounts, and it kept me from getting fat. Another part of that was that I didn’t regularly exercise, but I also wasn’t especially sedentary, and so I had a bit of muscle, but no stamina.

Lets just say I kinda screwed the ol’ Body over; By depriving it of the precious sleep it needs to keep me working. The first thing it went for was my hip. It hurts me a little bit whenever I walk anywhere now, which isn’t so terrible, it’s just really annoying. I also have a perpetually (as of last week) bloodshot eye that Ian thinks is pink eye.

I feel like some old boat that’s been battered again and again by the storm, but it might just barely coast into port to be repaired and set sail again. Getting to port, for me though, is going to be rough. Some rocky finals lie ahead, as well as tying up some loose homework ends, but I think I can make it.

Then maybe I’ll stop begin all gross and broken.
I hope.

I feel so dumb about the leg thing, because now I actually occasionally use that cane I bought a while back. I got it so I could pretend I was House, and it was good for that, but now it’s gotten a little too real for me.

Which reminds me of the fact that I love pretending things. It’s my deal. I love toy guns and swords because they’re representations of dangers and adventures I’ll never experience. It’s sad, but I don’t mind. I catch a lot of flack for still wanting to play with toys, but I don’t care.

Up until two Easters ago, my cousins and I still played “capture the flag” with guns after we’d eaten the the Easter feast. I realized that this year when we didn’t… It was sad. Almost tragic. I don’t understand why people stop pretending as they get older. Yeah, it’s silly, but you feel so cool when you’re doing it. I love chasing that feeling, that whatever you’re doing is totally beyond you, except for that brief instant in which it isn’t.

But I digress (majorly!); after we ate dinner tonight, we went to wal-mart. I looked at toys and we fought with foam swords in the aisles. It was fun. While we were there, my sister called and told me she qualified to Nationals! How exciting!!! Congratulations Erin!

After that we came back and I did some homework. Then we all took a break and did a little project in the field behind C-Hall. I bought Mentos and Diet Coke from the C-Store, along with an entire can of chips which I would proceed to finish in a single night (gross). Upon mixing the two, Ian and I got soda all over ourselves, but it was still pretty cool. It got all fizzy and explody really quick.

The last thing we did was watch L.A. Confidential, which I always thought was a comedy, but is actually a really, really good police drama. As I was walking Lizz home, we saw a raccoon hanging out by the dumpster behind the SUB (Student Union Building) and it was really weird. I was scared it was going to attack me on the way back.

Which brings us to now.

I’d like to read some Paradise Lost before going to sleep, but it’s too complicated and I’m to tired, and Hank’s snoring. He’s been asleep since 11:30 when he came home, which was weird to start with considering most nights he doesn’t even come home at all. But whatever.

I’ll have my cats for roommates in a few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to.

In any case, I really should just get to sleep to try and hope my leg/eye self-repair with rest.
I’d really like to keep them for a few more years…

Plus it sucks actually needing that stupid cane I bought to ‘play House’.

At the Bottom of Everything

Posted in Politics, School on April 20th, 2007 by Tom

So many things going on, with school winding down and summer almost here.
Though you wouldn’t know it from the weather.

As promised, the Senate update:
The world did not end. Matt is our president now, and he’s pretty ambitious about the whole affair. I’m reserving my judgment, especially to see how he handles appointments. However, in talking with him, I’m optimistic that we’ll still be able to get things done. Also, I re-did just about every single application on the site for this re-staffing/regime-change.

The site that I need to rebuild (again) over the summer.
However, I get some fancy Senate-financed new software to do that, so that’ll be fun.

While we’re on that topic, I recently entered into a new elected position. We held SPS (society of physics students) elections today. Courtney Bonney nominated “Ian & the Other One” for Secretary.

[Story Behind This: Ian and I usually approach volunteering for stuff in physics with a “I’m game if you’re game”-type attitude. So consequently we usually show up to the same stuff, and skip the same stuff. We made an effort to befriend Courtney early on, and she thought we were odd. We ended up making friends with her roommate who we have German Tutoring with. Her roommate then relayed to Courtney that we thought she hated us, and from then on Courtney made an effort to say ‘hey’ to us. Friendship via roommate-guilt-extortion? Maybe. Did it work? Hell yes.In any case, she still had trouble remembering exactly who we were; to quote: “I remember Ian Noble’s name, and The Other One’s Face…” Tonight, she said that she’d seen my name written too many times, and could no longer think of me as “The Other One.” I wasn’t sure how to feel about that…]

In the end, I overestimated the formality of SPS elections. I really wanted this position, so to help our case, I threw together a PowerPoint presentation last night (1:30 AM – 2:30 AM). Upon arriving at the meeting, we were basically expected to deliver an impromptu speech about our candidacy. Instead of doing this, I was permitted to give [our presentation].

This was met with a surprising amount of positive feedback, mostly laughs and friendly heckling. Also, we made Courtney cry she was laughing so hard. I was happy my late night endeavor was appreciated. So yeah, we won.

To segue from that, I’m not the only one who’s been havin’ fun in PowerPoint. She’s got no clue how to use Photoshop, but Lizz has got her PowerPoint Slides down. Recently she took a bunch of stupid pictures of me, and became inspired. Inspired by [this]. I got that picture from Ethan when I went to visit him a few weeks ago. It makes myself and Ethan laugh; it makes Laura and Lizz roll their eyes.

So what does Lizz do? She makes [her own].

Suffice to say, if school can end on a note this good, summer’s going to rock.

[Addendum: I saw “Who Killed the Electric Car” tonight. It got me all juiced up and angry and big oil and the Bush administration and the automotive industry… So now I’m all angsty and in need of an Electric Automobile.]

Everything’s Not Lost

Posted in Politics on April 15th, 2007 by Tom

I was walking back from Lizz’s dorm tonight, and my leg started hurting again. Pretty bad, though now its OK. However, at the time it was nearly 2 AM and I had a slight limp.

A girl riding by on a bike asked me if I needed a ride. I think she thought I was drunk.

I told her, “No, I live just over there,” with a big wave of my hand.
Which, in hindsight, I suppose, made me appear more drunk, but whatever.

It was just a touch surreal.

In other news:
Sadly, my party’s presidential candidate did not win in the Student Senate elections. I got in, but my election wasn’t even contested, so that’s not really saying a whole lot.

Her opponent is lacking in experience and presents a lot of potential problems that would upset the usual flow of governance. We’ll persevere, but it’s going to be difficult for a while.

I feel like I’m already getting mixed up in the politics of it all and that’s the last thing I want right now. Senate was a big enough drain on my sparing amounts of free time without an extra layer of political-game-bullshit to complicate the mater.

So just stay tuned for an update as to whether Senate totally falls apart, or rises above it all.
At this juncture, only time will tell.

Follow Up:
Really don’t appreciate the spam bots hijacking my comments.
I guess I just need to post more before they find my entries.
Talk about motivation. But seriously, don’t they know that no one reads this site…?