Where Is My Mind?

Posted in Politics on May 19th, 2007 by Tom

Awwww yeah.
It’s a good day.

1. It’s Lizz and I’s three year anniversary! Which is awesome! Go me/us.
2. Paul Wolfowitz is leaving the World Bank for the exact reason I’d always hoped:
He’s a tremendous tool

Honestly, I don’t know all the ins and outs of it, but apparently he arranged to have his girlfriend get a big ol’ pay raise and promotion. From what I’ve read, that is not very PC down at the World Bank. Once the Ethics board came out with the issues at hand, a lot of other people stepped forward and said something to the extent of, “Oh yeah, he sucks at all this other stuff too.”

Go figure

They say maybe Tony Blair will replace him, which I guess I would be OK with. Except for the whole lap-dog-of-the-Bush-Administration thing. But then again, so was Wolfowitz. So that’s a wash. He is British though, which makes him a very slight improvement over the current situation.

In other news, Lizz and I went to see Barack Obama at a rally in Kansas City last week. I’d say it was fun, but by and large, it was not. There was a lot of standing and getting squished by pushy people (See the previous entry; it was a la Killers concert). At that point in the week, I was not real psyched up for standing.

His message was good though. Education, get out of Iraq, Global Warming, even a little shout-out to Fair Trade, which I “whooped” for. No one else did. It was only very slightly awkward. At the end of the day though, I was happy because I felt like I could really get behind what he was saying. So right now I’m leaning towards Camp Obama as opposed to Camp Hillary. I like her just fine, but I don’t think enough other people do, and other than that I see very little difference between her and Obama.

So I’m with Obama right now, but like I said, either would do just fine for me.

Also: [Dennis Is Running Again]
I am morally obligated to support Dennis in his campaign until he is inevitably ejected from the race as a result of any one of the numerous upcoming primaries. Then, and only then will I lend support to other Democratic candidates.

May it also be stated on the record that, so far as the Republican spread goes,:
1. I hate Rudy Giuliani. If he’s elected, I will whine and moan incessantly. Just a “heads up”.
2. Sam Brownback, however, is still my least favorite candidate. But he worries me little in terms of competition.
3. A McCain presidency is something I could stomach.
4. No clue whatsoever as to how I feel about Romney.

It’s also funny how bad everyone wants Al Gore to run again. I do admit I’m sortof in that camp. I know now that it’s not just old emotions from the 2000 election, because I’ve no desire at all to have Kerry run again. Though the ‘-edwards’ half of ‘Kedwards’ wouldn’t be a bad pick either.

I just don’t know! So lets move on to something else.

Mainly, the embarrassing fact that I voted in the previous American Idol contest. I did. And I don’t regret it at all. Instead of elaborating on contextual mitigators for this crime, I’m simply going to refer you to an [Article] I read about the whole American Idol thing.

Basically, I don’t even watch the show, but my family does, so I do too now that I’m home. It came down to the last three, and we thought that guy my mom likes (Blake) was going to get voted off. She was so vehement that he would be the one to get booted that I phoned in a vote to help him out.

Low and behold, he made the cut.
Which was kinda neat.

I’m not really quite over how dirty I feel for voting on American Idol…
Maybe someday things’ll go back to the way they were.

For now though, I’ve entered a brave new world of reality TV.
Heaven help me…

The Comeback

Posted in Life, School on May 14th, 2007 by Tom

My tenure as a freshman at Truman State University ended on May 4th. It was a really, really strange event. It reminded me of a House quote,

“The nearly dead and the newly bred have more in common with each other than with people in the middle. What’s weird is the kind of circle of life thing.”

It was true in that the end of the year was far more like the beginning, rather than what we had had come to know as the “middle”. That wasn’t an entirely bad thing, either.

We had more time on our hands than usual, which meant we hung out with a lot of people, and did stuff that was not physics homework. Which was really, really nice. I feel like maybe all that excess newly-found free time perhaps could’ve been a tad better spent, but that’s neither here nor there.

Finals went off without a hitch, for the most part. The jury’s still out as to how well I actually did, but I didn’t have any defining “oh -(string of profanity)-” moments, so that can’t be all bad. The scary thing is, I feel like I could come out with 4 A’s, but with a change of the winds I could just as easily come out with 4 B’s. So we’ll see.

The entire week was rather miserable from a meteorological standpoint. Overcast and wet for the entire week. Walking around aimlessly with too much time on my hands, looking up at the sky, I felt as if some sort of impending calamity would come raining down and blot little Kirksville out of existence. Saddly, no such apocalypse occurred, and I’ll undoubtedly be returning there this fall.

Even though it ended not in fire, nor ice, but… mist… I’m glad that the school year is over. I was definitely ready for it to be finished, and yet I couldn’t help getting a little emotional the night before I was to head home. I realized what it was. It wasn’t that I would miss our dingy little dorm room (I don’t). The fact that I could never go back to it though… bothers me. The permanency of it all is terrifying. I came to see that I have a big issue with things being… lasting. I think that’s why I was [sad to leave my old job] too. Even though, in truth, that too had run its course.

So past all my melancholy ways, I’m home now.
But I still do not have a job.
I’m seeking to rectify that, but my endeavors have been met with limited success.

Suffice to say, I am very, very bored. I’ve had plenty to do (the lack of blogging reflects as much) though, which has kept me sane. For the most part.

My birthday was on the 10th, which was fun. It was the first time in a while that I didn’t have a big thing with a bunch of people. This was largely due to the fact that ‘people’ were still off at school, but I was ok with that.

Lizz and I saw ‘Hot Fuzz’ and it was very, very funny. The beginning was a big slow, and I just kept waiting for it to kindof… ‘pick up’. And then it did, and instantly became everything I wanted it to be. I left feeling very satisfied. Next it was back home, to hang out with the family for a while. After dinner at Chili’s, we came home and did presents.

It was a good birthday.
Lizz- FFVII: Advent Children, Magnet Rocks (more!), FBI Book, yet-to-arrive-[HOUSE-T-SHIRT]!
Mom & Dad- Princess Mononoke, Excessively huge LEGO space craft
Erin- Bach’s Cello Suites on CD

I would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the people that… commented on my facebook wall. It was nice to feel loved from so many people. Even if it was a bit weird. [And let’s not kid ourselves… it shows up on the damn newsfeed or whatever, so I have no delusions that they actually remembered, but I’m still thankful.]

A final thing: Lizz and I saw the Killers on the 11th. It was a good show, if not a little crowded and hotter than hell down at City Market, but we still had fun. Saw a few fights, got a t-shirt, sat through the nearly-half-hour-encore [seriously guys? seriously?]. But all in all it was a great show.

Now… if that job thing would just work out…