I’m happy to say it; We’re Back in Business!

After three really intense days I’ve beaten WordPress into behaving how I want it to, the archives are all integrated with the old material, and I’ve made some aesthetic changes as well:

The Navigation buttons above have been scaled down so they take less bandwidth and load faster, which I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long time. Additionally, we’ve got a new set of banners up top (also scaled down in terms of size, but hopefully not noticeably in quality), which I’m quite pleased with. I also updated the F.A.Q. and the About pages to reflect the recent changes and upgrades in the site.

All-in-all, Tuesday’s little mishap with Graymatter turned out to be really a blessing in disguise. WordPress is a really cool utility that I’m excited to use more. In the process, I learned a lot of new things, and got some older skills back into shape. It was a fun experience. I’m also going to keep tweaking this layout (in particular, the comments form is sorta rough; I’ll get to it soon), but for the most part, it’s squared away.

[If you check more towards the bottom of the page, I’ve actually posted the post that incidentally killed Schrödinger’s Blog v.1.2.]

But, that said, I’d like to introduce Schrödinger’s Blog, version 2.0!
[Please Also Note: You’ll need to subscribe to the new RSS feed, just as you did the old one. They look the same, but feed from different sources, and the previous one will not be updated anymore. Thanks!]

Additionally, for anyone that cares, there’s a new clip out for Evangelion 1.0: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE-


  1. a: do you have the latest muse album? because i count two song/blog titles from it so far. if not, do you want it? i have it and it’s really good. i can burn it for you.
    b: i can only imagine the panic i would have felt if i were in that crowd. as soon as i saw you running i probably would have tackled you.

  2. I do have the latest Muse album, and I’ve really been enjoying it for the most part. I was kindof depressed that the other songs weren’t as good as ‘Starlight’, but that was a rather foolish expectation on my part to begin with anyways.

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