Sleeping In

Posted in Life, Nerd on September 18th, 2007 by Tom

I’ve been here, doing basically nothing useful at school. Thus, the lack of blogging. It’s pretty dull, truthfully. I really like the way this year’s been going thus far. Ian and I have four out of my five classes together, and that’s made my homework situation pretty interesting. We do all the same work more or less separately. The nice thing is though that if I ever have trouble, I can ask him how he did it, and usually get myself sorted out.

This has lead to a new innovation called “quality time”. Every night, work basically stops at 9 PM. Ian drops whatever he’s doing, I usually try to get all my work for the day done by then. From 9 to 11 we just hang out and usually play video games. Tonight Ian beat Resident Evil 4, which took about two weeks worth of quality time. It’s been really fun.

The other upshot of it is, we quit at 11. He goes to bed, I take a shower, and usually am ready to sleep by around 12. I read for an hour, and fall asleep, not waking up until 9. Which means I’m getting 8 hours of sleep. I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep at a decent time since like… 8th grade. Its preposterous. And in college too! College is supposed to be a time of Red Bulls and NoDos and sugar-induced study-comas. But no. Ian has effectively evolved the two of us into old men.

It’s sad, but I must say getting regular, decent sleep has done wonders.
Nothing really discernibly discreet, but I just don’t feel like crap nearly as much as I used too. It could also be that this is the start of term, but I’m really banking on this being a year-long stretch of good time management, regular installments of video games, and good sleep.

If I can pull it off, I will win.
Almost as much as this:

You know what is less win? How much I’m freaking out about my Board of Governors application process. I put a lot of effort into my application, and I’m pretty confident I should make the slate. One concern is that I might get mixed up in the politics of it all… which I don’t want. I’d just like to be given a fair opportunity to do my best.

Is that asking to much? Maybe.
I hope not.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Posted in Technology on September 5th, 2007 by Tom

Oh iPod.

They’ve revamped it yet again, much to my chagrin. Every single category experienced changes:

  • Shuffle: Received the new color pallet of white, seafoam green, sky blue, the (PRODUCT)^red Red, and periwinkle. Short of that, it’s basically the same, most insubstantial-feeling MP3 player on the market.
  • Nano: Has once again been retooled (as with each past incarnation), now into a chubby/stout/more-poorly-proportioned version of its older sibling; This is due largely to the included video screen. This basically makes it the same as the previous video iPod, but with more limited capacity and a goofier looking click-wheel. I dislike it. Additionally, and tragically, it is not available in the new periwinkle color, but instead the added option of not black, but dark grey.
  • Classic: This is the standard model, which really isn’t a lot different from the previous iteration; they appear to have just softened the edges and extended the battery life. Same color options: light or dark.
  • Touch: The newest member of the iPod family, it is essentially the iPhone, sans phone. It is also not full-blown OSX so far as I can tell either. The issue here is that all the guts of it are wasted on the screen, and so its capacity barely outpaces the Nano, though it costs double. It is WiFi capable though.

So there you have it. Apple has graced Western consumers with yet another slew of gadgetry to waste their money on. I guess I’m just a little bummed because I don’t really feel like any of these changes were for the better. The Shuffle is still too small, the Nano is too ugly, the Classic wasn’t really changed at all, and the Touch is useless; for me. That’s not to say these are bad products, they’re just awful for me.

In truth, I think it’s time to merge the Nano back into the Classic line. They are the same thing, one is just an inch shorter than the other. You can’t stick that video screen in there and still try and bill it as the slim-and-sexy member of the line. A better improvement would’ve been to skip the video screen, and work on improving the volume of data it could contain.

Why I’m not so keen on the iPod Touch: I don’t see the utility. It’s caught in this terrible limbo of devices; you can surf the internet, but you can’t read an e-mail or make a word document. It’s not a computer! However, you can also only cram 3500 songs onto it, which is hardly a robust music library in most cases. I guess what I’m saying is that when you pit it against a MacBook, it sucks, and when you pit it against the iPod classic, it sucks. Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t pee themselves with excitement at the sight of that multi-touch screen though.

On the other hand, maybe I’m just bitter that my ‘Pod is finally obsolete.