Sleeping In

I’ve been here, doing basically nothing useful at school. Thus, the lack of blogging. It’s pretty dull, truthfully. I really like the way this year’s been going thus far. Ian and I have four out of my five classes together, and that’s made my homework situation pretty interesting. We do all the same work more or less separately. The nice thing is though that if I ever have trouble, I can ask him how he did it, and usually get myself sorted out.

This has lead to a new innovation called “quality time”. Every night, work basically stops at 9 PM. Ian drops whatever he’s doing, I usually try to get all my work for the day done by then. From 9 to 11 we just hang out and usually play video games. Tonight Ian beat Resident Evil 4, which took about two weeks worth of quality time. It’s been really fun.

The other upshot of it is, we quit at 11. He goes to bed, I take a shower, and usually am ready to sleep by around 12. I read for an hour, and fall asleep, not waking up until 9. Which means I’m getting 8 hours of sleep. I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep at a decent time since like… 8th grade. Its preposterous. And in college too! College is supposed to be a time of Red Bulls and NoDos and sugar-induced study-comas. But no. Ian has effectively evolved the two of us into old men.

It’s sad, but I must say getting regular, decent sleep has done wonders.
Nothing really discernibly discreet, but I just don’t feel like crap nearly as much as I used too. It could also be that this is the start of term, but I’m really banking on this being a year-long stretch of good time management, regular installments of video games, and good sleep.

If I can pull it off, I will win.
Almost as much as this:

You know what is less win? How much I’m freaking out about my Board of Governors application process. I put a lot of effort into my application, and I’m pretty confident I should make the slate. One concern is that I might get mixed up in the politics of it all… which I don’t want. I’d just like to be given a fair opportunity to do my best.

Is that asking to much? Maybe.
I hope not.


  1. Man, you know what you could do with all this free time you have? e-mail a motherfucker, that’s what you could do.

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