Spending Time In Preparation (HvZ-1)

      Spending Time In Preparation - Shiroh Sagisu

So the plague has hit Truman pretty hard. The CDC has us quarantiened, nothing gets in, nothing gets out. We’ve taken to simply roaming the streets armed to the teeth: jumpy, paranoid, but otherwise safe. It could be a lot worse.

I should also say that I’m green. SO green. I’ve made a few ventures through open areas on my own, but I haven’t run into any real combat yet, and I’m anxious. Not anxious to kill zombies, but just to prove, to myself more than anyone, that I have what it takes to survive.

The first mission was a success. I arrived a little less than halfway through, following a few others heading down as reenforcements. The humans managed to hold all three stations, which yielded information concerning a type of transmitter. After tracking it down, we found it contained six syringes. The function of these is still a mystery, but if it’s anything to bring this nightmare to an end just a little sooner, I think the mission was a complete success. We suffered minimal losses and braved pretty inclement weather to come out ahead of the undead.

I should also mention John Mohr. The man is a veteran of a previous outbreak, and you can tell. His senses are perfectly tuned, and he has a sharp mind for the small stuff, details even, that can be the difference between life or death out in the field. He’s had my back since we first got news of the outbreak, and I’m thankful for that.

This week was really heavy on exams, in spite of the pending zombie apocalypse, but the in-class portions are done now. Getting the take-homes wrapped up between missions shouldn’t be too big of a problem, especially with all the time I’ll be spending inside.

My paranoia is starting to get to me. I don’t like looking over my shoulder at every single corner, checking behind bushes, swinging a weapon around like I’m some type of action hero. Especially at this point, when the plague has been relatively contained. It seems excessive. I’m still alive though, so that’s gotta count for something.

The weekend presents an interesting quandary: there’s no class, so you could potentially camp out for the whole two-day period. However, there are missions to be accomplished, and the lack of activity makes staying inside just that much harder.

I’m going back out there now.


  1. The paranoia proves useful.
    After countless times of looking over my shoulder and finding nothing, today I found Joey Palmer.

    We held in a brief statement as I inched my way to the SUB and safety.
    I couldn’t pull the trigger though. Why?

    Do I still foolishly believe there is part of my friend in there?!
    I don’t know anymore…

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