Viva La Vida

      Viva La Vida - Coldplay

So this post has kinda been sitting in the wings since like… a month ago.
More than, actually.

Basically this is a quick shakedown of items that have been upgraded over the weeks/months since this summer, when I embarked on the mission of upgrading the blog a little bit. Thus I present, with little-to-no-fanfare, becuase it’s not really new to me: Schrödinger’s Blog Version 2.5.

  • New Buttons (Or Lack Thereof)
    This idea got scrapped pretty early on when I remembered that… oh yeah! I suck at graphic design stuff, and will never get any better at it. Party. Also, I asked Ethan his opinion, and he said he liked it the way it was. So it’s too my advantage to not spend a lot of time on something that will suck anyways? Awesome.

  • Pages (‘Contact’, ‘About’, etc.)
    Right now these are done in the old-timey style; that is, they’re just HTML documents sitting on my webserver. When I want to edit them, I pull open the ol’ notepad, tweak the code, save, and upload. This was getting a little annoying, especially around the new year when I need to rollover the faux-copyright date at the bottom. Editing the same 8 pages like that can get sortof tedious. I had other reasons too, though they now escape me.

    Anyways. This has all been migrated and integrated into the blogging software, so it’s all a little more cohesive.

  • YouTube Compendium
    I’ve been promising this for a long, long time. It’s finally reached fruition! You can find it under the Rooftop section for videos, or just go straight there. It’s a collection of all my favorite YouTube videos in a convenient, easy-to-use interface.


    Speaking of YouTube, I have developed this weird, weird thing for YouTube chicks with guitars. That whole female singer-songwriter-personal-hygine-only-slightly-improved-over-Bob-Dylan kindof thing really does it for me. Why? Can’t exactly say.

    An Example – Purely a Crush

    Another – Actually Enjoy the Music, But Also Have a Thing For the Girl

  • M30 Prod. Videos On the ‘Tube
    While I was noodling in YouTubeVille, I also posted a few of the shorter-length M30 Productions Videos onto my account. The rest are still available where they’ve always been.

  • Radio Site
    I also managed to get a new blog-within-a-blog set up for my radio program. Finally settled on an official name for it too: [defcon5]. Check it out! There you can find archives, track listings, as well as news about upcoming shows! Plus, if you’re an iTunes person, you can download the podcasts straight to your iPod/Phone/Thing and listen at your convenience (IE: long car rides).

  • New Banners
    The old ones were… like, more than a year old. They were getting a tad bit stale. I realize now how silly they are, because half of them nobody understands, so they just look a little pretentious. Whatever. I like ’em, and last time I checked, I’m the only one who pays the bills for this outfit, so.

  • Up-To-Date About Page
    Also tucked in a little summary about this version update there, so we stay current with our history!

So that’s version 2.5! It’s taken FOREVER to get it off the ground fully, and even now there’s a lot of things that got left behind, but I did do some work on the site this summer, and I thought I’d let everyone know about that.

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