Saturday Morning

      Saturday Morning - Eels

So today was a pretty good day. Things are starting to sort themselves out and pandemonium of the close of Fall Semester has FINALLY started to die down.

Doing my best to get ready for the Spring Semester; hitting the ground running and all that. I need to figure out of Tower will be requiring my services again (I feel like Rambo: they keep bringing me out of retirement to send me to Vietnam… Where Vietnam is Johnson County, and the Viet Cong are easily annoyed New Money Types.). I’ve got to get working on applications for summer internships. I’m looking at one in Germany, even! Plus some in Boston. I really, REALLY want to get a good one, so I’m going to work really hard on these.

I also need to log some serious time working on some analysis of astronomy data; the idea being that Cody and I may be working on a paper of sorts in the early weeks of Spring Semester.

So that’s the work end of things. For fun, I’ve been playing with getting my computers to talk to each other with VNC. That basically means you can open up a window on Computer 1, and in that window you see the desktop of Computer 2, and can use it as if you were sitting in front of it, which I think is cool. I’ve yet to get it to work on my Server-To-Be machine though.

In a previous entry, I mentioned wanting to get a server up and running. Well, the machine is here, and I even loaded it with my old install of Ubuntu, so that much is done. Getting it to play nice with VNC has been trying, and I haven’t even broached the actual “server” aspect of the project. That’s essentially a work in progress, but I do love a project, and this one is keeping me pretty occupied.

Trying to think if anything else happened…
Got back from Arizona. The house was SO DAMN COLD. It was a little unpleasant, and I slept only about three hours before driving home through the snowstorm on an all-Radiohead playlist (a la 2007 Break Drive Home), which was always an experience.

Got some stuff worth looking forward to, mainly the write-up edition of Tom & Ian’s Top Albums of 2008. We did the radio-edition, which isn’t posted yet, but will be soon. I might work on that later this evening, but we’ll see. FTP-ing 2-hour-long MP3 files… is painful. For you guys though, it’s worth it.

Oh! And I’ve been pouring a ton of time and effort into the planning phase of my RPG I’m working on! I really like the storyline I’ve come up with so far, and I’m finally getting it to where I like the flow… it’s just now I need to actually execute that all into a game that is perhaps maybe a tiny bit fun, and people will want to play. (Where ‘people’ is Ian and Joey, and Ethan if I ask nicely.)

But really, the point is that things are looking up.
For once.

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  1. I refuse to work at Tower if you won’t be there. (Sharon wants me to go to Fox Hill sometime? Whaaaaat?)

    Hi. Let’s hang out sometime.

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