Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I’ve never seen a midnight premier before. I picked a GREAT one to start with.

Oh. My. God.
It was everything I could have hoped it would be. I’m not going to do a full-blown review, as a lot of people still NEED to go see it, but a few highlights were:

-Jetfire, my favorite Transformer, is in the film, and is both hilarious and awesome!
-It’s super-long (nearly three hours) and the pacing is really good. You get a breather when you need it, but it’s mostly action.
-I found it really funny. Maybe 20% of the jokes were “over the top”, but there are some really genuinely funny moments, that aren’t just cheap laughs, that more than make up for it.
-Optimus brings his A-game in some stunning battle scenes.
-The driving story element concerning The Fallen, and why so much of the film takes place in Egypt, work surprisingly well.

I don’t know, this is just my kinda movie. I should be more reserved; I think the REU people think I’m off my rocker, given my enthusiasm for the film both before and after… I’m real forgiving of movies, especially this kind: I find the jokes funny, the action terrific, and even the emotional stuff hits me dead center (and we’re tlaking about Transformers here…).

In Other News: Really excited for Harry Potter. The film coming out corresponds to my favorite book in the series, and also: Ginny Weasley. SCHWING. And Tim Burton’s new post-apocalyptic animated fantasy film looks fantastic too.

Anyways, bed now. Work in just a few hours.
Boston post is coming, I promise.


  1. every review i’ve seen of the moive has been “meh” to “bad”

    whatever, i’ll end up seeing it eventually anyway.

  2. Whatever, man. I hate movie review people. I think I’m judgmental enough in my own right that I don’t need people being pretentious assholes /on my behalf/. Sheesh.

    For real: It’s a significant step up from the first one, which I really enjoyed.

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