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Posted in Maintenance on May 30th, 2010 by Tom

I was working on adding a new feature to the site, but it turned into a bigger project than I bargained for…

As a result, I’m currently working on a totally new design for the site. In my opinion, this is long overdue. When I decided to start focusing on music, the site was still built to be an all-purpose type thing. This new layout will reflect that, and also offer added functionality.

Ultimately, I’m hoping to slim the site down. I’m not a graphic design type person, and so I’m going for something minimal and highly functional. That being said, I will be out of the country for a few days, and so the project must go on hold. In an effort to make sure I complete the update, I’m posting this to keep myself honest; cat’s out of the bag now!

Aiming for mid-June. Torrential updating to follow.

Guster’s Jonah; The National’s Castle Track

Posted in Music on May 3rd, 2010 by Tom

I was checking up on the Guster homepage, looking to see if they’re dropping any singles in advance of their new record, due later this year. I didn’t see anything quite like that, but they were pointing people to a “new song” called ‘Jonah‘ which is available as part of a benefit album for Haitian relief. They’ve been playing this live for a while now, but this is an actual produced copy that sounds pretty good. It’s not my favorite song of theirs, but the benefit album also contains a fantastic remix of Metric’s ‘Gold Guns Girls,’ as well as a live Dinosaur, Jr. track. Also, the money all goes to help out people in need, that that’s got to count for something!

[ mp3 ♫ ]

Support the Cause, Download the Record: // Download to Donate for Haiti

In other news, today Pitchfork TV put out a really great video of The National playing ‘Terrible Love‘ in an old, abandoned castle. I have to say that this is probably my favorite song off of High Violet so far. I didn’t care for the album version’s production as much as I did their live performance, located below, but the only recording of that was their appearance on Fallon. This video features a pristine recording of that take on the song, and I was so excited I extracted out of the video for everyone to enjoy:

‘Terrible Love (Castle Rock Session)’
[ mp3 ♫ ]

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