Sorry for things slowing down a bit. I’ve had exams (one left!), and in addition I started the little side-project of fixing up the blog’s theme.

When I worked on the current theme last summer I stole the code for Black Letterhead and began cutting it up, figuring out how it worked, and re-skinning it to suit our purposes here.

I neglected, at the time, to finish the work. The comments system since the redesign has always been clunky, and the page navigation an eyesore! Tags, monthlies, and other archive pages all defaulted to the same page whose styling was pretty crude. The newest redesign isn’t earth-shattering, but it’s designed to address those issues.

There might be some tweaking, but I fixed all the big problems I’d identified, and accomplished the one goal I had when I started: Pages can now take a “lyric” custom field that will place the text as seen above. I’m not going to go back and add this to all the old entries, but from hereon, I’ll pick my favorite lyric to serve as a type of subtitle to the whole entry.

So that project’s done! I have a zillion drafts sitting around, but most of the music hasn’t got my blood really pumping, so I’ve been dragging my feet. I like to make strong recommendations, and that’s hard to do when something’s just OK.