In actuality, no one has ever asked to know about any of this stuff. I just thought it was more stuff that probably merits clarification, so I decided to put it here.
[Please Note: This information all applys strictly to the Brak Blog. Schrödinger's Blog has its own FAQ]

The Cowboy Thing
As many of you may have noticed, I end every blog entry with some sort of allusion to a Cowboy. No, I'm not an ecentric western fan, but I do love that Clint Eastwood... Oh, that's right. Focus. I kinda ripped that from the killer anime Cowboy Bebop. They end every episode with SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY... at the bottom of the screen so I thought it'd be kinda fun to end every blog entry with something of that nature.

You'll also notice that it usually ties into something I mentioned in the entry. This is an intentional stab at humor. I appologize in advance for any bodily harm this may have caused to you. My humor that is.

Anyway, to rap this all up, its just a throwback to something very cool, and it's simply to add closure to the entry... Nothing more, nothing less.

Titles of the Entries
When I first started blogging on Greymatter, I realized that it allowed you to title your entries. Actually... it sort of mandated that you do. Realizing at the time that I'd never be able to think up of something clever for the title on every entry [as the entries themselves are seldom clever anyway...] I decided I needed a gimmick for the title.

Thus, I decided to make the title of each entry a song title. Sometimes the song bears a certain degree of relevance to the content, sometimes not. Half the time it's just what I was listening to when I started writing the entry. In any case, this produces a rather interesting result: If you go to the archives list and just look at it, you'll have found a giant track-list of awesome. I give all songs used as titles the gaurentee of 100% Awesome.

This gave me a kinda cool idea to make them all into Mix-CDs, with all the songs in that exact order. And then I though it'd be neat if I put the entire text of the Blog on a disk and included that too, kinda like a Boxed Set of Brak Blog. And then I realized that no one would ever buy crap like that in a million years, so scratch that idea.

Brak... Who's Brak?
For those of you who don't know who/what Brak is, allow me to fill you in: There was an old Hannah Barbara cartoon called Space Ghost, and in this show Brak was a recurring villan. When, in the early 90's, Space Ghost was brought and made into a comedic talk show, Brak came back too. Except this time instead of being sinsiter and evil he was just really, really stupid. Fortunatly though, Brak-Stupid translates to funny, so it's all good.

What's he got to do with blogging? Absolutly nothing. He does make a pretty decent blog-mascot though, so I kept him on. As far as I know, there aren't any other BrakBlogs except one. [
This One.] It belongs to some right-wing-conservative-fuck-nut, which pisses me. If you feel so inclined, e-mail him my domain and let him know that my blog could kick the crap out of his rightist bullshit rantings any day of the week. Nobody Fucks with the Radiskull, or his Blog.

Radiskull... What the hell is a Radiskull?
First off, there is only one Radiskull, and I am him. In actuality, he's a giant floating, disembodied skull that sings rock'n'roll songs. He's a cartoon created by [
Joe Sparks] for the show Radiskull & Devil Doll. Very excellent stuff. In terms of why I call myself this... I dunno. I just started doing it, like obsessively, and my family took to it, as did some of my friends, so whatever. That's all I have to say about that.

What Influences the Blog?
So many things influence this blog is horrible... I draw/steal on an incredible amount of people and things to make my own random shit mildly entertaining. Mostly it's websites, TV shows, and Movies. As I have plans to make a separate section about the latter two, I'll only outline the first group here, the websites.

This list should be prefaced by saying that the major ones [
OddTodd, Megatokyo, HomestarRunner, and CTRL+ALT+DEL] are all on the main page. These are the best of the best in terms of good online stuff to watch/read, hence why they're on the front page.

Other Sites of Comparable Awesomeness

Random Refresh Banners
At the top of the site, since our transition to LandingClouds with The Brak Blog [v2.0], there have been banners displaying Brak, the title of the site, and some seemingly random blurb of text. Truth be told, these all hold a vague sense of relevance and history, so I figured I'd outline that to you.
[Animated To Explode]
In an old Space Ghost sketch, SG threatens to blow Brak up with his laser-equiped armbands. Brak retorts by saying that 'He's not animated to explode.' This blog is, so watch out.
[Curbing Sanity], [Every Chance We Get]
This is just me being clever, and talking about how the blog is the cure for such horrific ailments like logic and level-headed-ness.
[Dancin' to the Music]
I personally don't dance. I rock out. But Brak dances.
[Fun Sold Seperatly]
Just another product of my raging self-deprication
[Holding Out for a Hero]
Totally kick-ass song by Bonnie Tyler. It was in footloose, a movie I've never seen, but I do like this song.
It's a fucking null-set. What about it? NOTHING!
[The Blog That Never Ends]
In yet another old Space Ghost sketch, Brak is singing "The Song That Never Ends". I thought it to be appropriate.
[We Are The Eggmen]
A line from 'I am the Walrus' by the Beatles. A song that is weird as hell, but kicks ass. Sorta like the blog, except with music. And Ringo Starr.
[Warning: Content May Suck]
There. You've been warned. NOW STOP WITH THE LAWSUITS!
[We Don't Believe In E-Props]
E-Props are another superfluous little crappy-ass accessory that comes with Xanga [another rant entirely], and I was merely expressing the fact that E-Props = Suck, and you'll never find them on this blog.
[Well Loved By All]
From the same little number as the 'Animated to Explode' one, Brak tells space Ghost that if he even so much as tries to hurt him, there will be outcry from the people, because he [Brak] is so Well Loved By All. In vain, I hoped the blog was well loved too...
[World Wide Madness]
This banner was never on the main page, but I made it so it could be printed out like a sticker. It had the URL on it and stuff, hence the name.
[Oh Snap]
Experiancing Technical Difficulties
I put this banner up on the Lost Blog Angelfire site. It was the placeholder during the time we were off landingclouds and not yet on MidPhase/
[That's Right Bitches, We're Back]
Shown on the site when it first came online. Just letting eveyone know we were still alive and kicking.
[Bay-Gulls... Get it?]
Another joke from an old Brak sketch. The joke goes something like: Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bay-gulls! Bay-gulls... get it?
[Do Not Over Tighten Nuts]
Apparently this is a warning lable that comes with skatebaords. It's good advice to boot.
[I Call It Rockegan]
A throwback to a really funny video by comedian Rob Paravonian. The full video can be found at his site: [].
[Misunderstanding All You See]
Line from one of my favoite Beatles songs, Strawberry Fields Forever.
[Perpetually Skewing the Norm]
If you could chart normality, I'd definatly be somewhere in there, fucking up the control group.
[Somewhere In Missouri]
Kate and Paula kidnapped my planner one time, and they filled out the personal information part. Not knowing where I live, they simply wrote "Somewhere in Missouri". This is true, I am a resident of the big MO.
[The Kind With the Pulp]
In the show FLCL, the protagonist hates drinks with the pulp. Here at the blog... all we got is pulp.
[Beats Frickin' Workin']
Closing line of the original Odd Todd cartoon. I still think watching me not update the blog is more fun than actual work.
[Frankenfruity is the Shit]
A referance to the now dead cable show Dead Like Me. Frankenfruity was a little toy monster thing.
[Mint with Tags]
You know... like Beannie Babies? On EBay it's a big deal if they've still got their tags on. Kinda like soldiers, or prisoners...
[Original Formula]
Meaning if we tried anything different we'd just regret it and go back to what worked. See: Coke v. New Coke
[Simulcast in Sanskrit]
TV shows are always simulcast in something else. Especially late at night. We would've simulcast in the first written language, cuneiform, but our contract with the mesopetamians fell through.
[Shuddup Son, You're Grounded]
Hank and I were making fun of 7th Heaven one time:
Dad: Son, we need to talk.
Son: But dad! I'm in love!
[Talk About Instant Karma]
Another Dead Like Me quote. Refers to an instance where someone does something small and meaningless, and is subsequently either punished or rewarded in excess for that action.
[What Planet Is This?]
Title to a song from the Cowboy Bebop movie. The song sounds like a James Brown tune. It's sweet.
[Better Than Riding a Giraffe]
In a short M30 Productions film titled Antarctica Blues Hank's character famously says 'Boy, I will make you RIDE a giraffe.' That is, in the edited version...
[Hu Ge Dong]
Sean and I printed this off on Mrs. Leuckenotto's lable maker and put it on his calculator.
[Impressive, Most Impressive]
You can never have enough Darth Vader quotes.
[Like a Chipmunk with a Disease]
This was Coach McGuirk's ultimate conclusion about a special needs kid that took up a spot on his soccer team. I swear, in context it's funny.
[Pants. Uh Oh.]
Demetri Martin, a comedian, has a joke that goes: "Swimming's a funny thing: sometimes you do it for fun, other times you do it to NOT DIE. I gague which it is by looking at what I'm wearing. Swimtrunks: ok. Pants: Uh Oh. Nothing: We'll See."
[Robots in Disguise and/or Denial]
Transformers' slogan was 'robots in disguise / more that meets the eye'. I figure eventually you've gotta come to terms with the fact that you're a truck that turns into a humanoid robot... and that's like your day job.
[She'll Make Point-Five, Past Light Speed]
Yet another Star Wars quote, in referance the the greatest starship of them all: The Millenium Falcon.
[Wants To Fight]
This is how battles began in the original Pokemon games. It was later replaced with the more grammatically friendly "Would like to battle," which is way lamer. I think. Fsckin' pokemon...
[Albert Left For Peru]
Hank and I put on a play in early 2006 based on Edward Gorey's Helpless Doorknobs. It was as awesome as it was strange, and this was the final sentance of the play.
[It's a Trap]
Admiral Ackbar, the fish-head from Return of the Jedi, had one good line. This was it.
[Inner Ear Itch. Enough Said.]
There was an episode of Home Movies where Coach McGuirk had an inner ear itch. He kept making this weird coughing/exhaling noise, to scratch it with his soft pallet. It didn't work.
[I Look Forward to Killing You Soon]
The famous sign-off line of the Ninja from He's a ninja, and they love killing. Couldn't tell you why...
[Optimized for Firefoxy-Ness]
Another in my long line of shameless Firefox plugs. Speaking of which, That Fox is Kinda Cute, you should check him out.
[Swear to Me]
The best line of Batman Begins, hands down. He's a bit of a narcissist though...
[Why Comply? It's the Law]
Stupid selective service. Stupid laws. Stupid army. Way to point out the obvious while simultaneously twisting my arm into supporting an institution that I have major issues with.
[Zero Friends on MySpace]
Actually a direct parody of Demetri Martin's "I have 9000 Friends on MySpace", as well as a completely accurate statistic.
This is, as near as I can tell, the list of every single Brak Blog banner in its entierty.
45 in all, which is sort of rediculous to think about, but there they are.
That's the extent of the un-asked but answered questions, so head on <-Back