about this blog

The Site

Schrödinger’s Blog is a music blog which offers reviews and samples of new music. Sometimes for the sake of context older material is also reviewed, but more than anything the blog acts as a mechanism for me to organize my thoughts about new material; the main focus being that most of the music is good.

I don’t bother writing up many poor reviews- its exhaustive and not especially constructive to rehash in detail something I didn’t enjoy. As a result, most things that show up here I either liked, or were at least from artists I had previously enjoyed. If you see something missing, I’m always on the prowl for new music, so feel free to reach out.

A Bit of History

I started blogging way, way back in the summer of 2002, when it was not commonly known what a “blog” was. Granted, at the time I was 14, and the content… left something to be desired. My recounted experiences were mediocre at best, and my vocabulary even worse. In time, the blog matured a little, and by the time I headed off to college I decided it was time to shut down that project and begin a new one. This was the first incarnation of “Schrödinger’s Blog” which, even in spite of its new name and facade, was still just random musings, punctuated by the occasional rant or tirade.

In the summer 2009, the format was changed. For years, I’d used the titles of songs for the entry headers, and during college I’d even begun compiling year-end lists of my favorite albums. When I realized this was actually my favorite part of the entire exercise, I figured I should just do it “full time.” All of this to say: while the blog itself dates back to 2006, the music-format actually came later. For a more detailed outline, see Version History.

As For Me?

I recently (c. 2016) graduated with a PhD in physics and I now work for a company which develops scientific instrumentation. I enjoy listening to music, tinkering with this website, dabbling in photography, reading novels, and the occasional video game. The blog is primarily for music, but some of that other stuff has been known to find its way here from time-to-time as well.

If you have any questions or comments about anything on the blog (or a random physics question!) please feel free to e-mail me at tomthemoth [at sign] gmail.com.