Happy Birthday

This morning I was working on this, the new Blog, and I realized that there’s no reason for me to wait until tomorrow. The Blog is done NOW, and so I will open it up as such. No fanfare, nothing flashy, but this is it.
Check out:

  • The Rooftop for additional content (inc. all our movies!)
  • The Brak Blog for nostalgia, as well as the Retrospective via the about page
  • Help for the new About and FAQ pages
  • TelePhone for my contact information

The archives page for this site is up, but there isn’t much in there.

From henceforth, August 14th shall be the birthdate of Schrödinger’s Blog!


  1. Tom, I love the new blog. It’s really well done. I am thorougly impressed. If for some unknown reason I ever need anything on the web, I’ll be calling you.

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