Katamari on the Rocks

We have a smörgåsbord of things to deal with today, so the cateogry icon is a bit moot.

To begin with the boring technobabble: No more live/dead cats for a while. Sorry. I have to turn it off now because every time someone casts a karma vote it ‘blanks out’ the entry icon, which gets REALLY annoying to go back in and replace manually every single time. As soon as I can isolate what the problem is, I’ll turn it back on. Promise!

Next is a follow-up on the past entry [3rd Planet]. Apparently my speculation/prediction was the incorrect one. Instead of extending the solar system, it shrank. Pluto finally got the axe. It is no longer a planet, but falls into a somewhat-discriminatory category aptly labled ‘dwarf planets’. However the question posed is still a valid one awaiting an answer: will anyone care? Seriously, people have been so used to thinking of it as a planet I honestly wonder if some fancy-worded proclimation from the IAU is going to change their minds. I, for one, am withholding judgement. People can be quite fickle about these things, and may hang on to them for a lot longer than you’d think.

ALSO: A metric-ton’s worth of pneumonic devices for listing the planets just became useless, causing an alarming amount of unrest among 2nd grade teachers nation-wide…

Truman Week is over, finally. It was long and harrowing, but somehow I survived. However, I think going to all those useless activities paid off. C-Hall (Centennial Hall, built in honor of Truman’s centennial) won the College Cup Challenge! We won it! For the first time EVER in the history of the hall, we were victorious. It was awesome. We placed in nearly EVERY event, to which my contribution was ‘Truman Trivia’. I battled my way to the top to be one of Centennial’s starters. In the actual competition finals I was only a part of the final challenge, but that was one of the only things we got right. The entire group of our Hall went crazy when we won.

I swear though, what I said to Rob (one of my trivia-mates) is still so true:
I didn’t give a damn about school spirit at Miege, and yet somehow I get completely into the whole C-Hall/Truman thing. It’s very, very bizarre.

I did laundry today. And so did sixty-zillion other people, but it was an educational experience nonetheless. Doing laundry is one of those pittifully domestic things that makes you feel like a grown up. So far college has been like summer camp, with the activities and so on. Now it feels a bit more like life. I think this coming week I’ll hit the laundry room on thursday to beat the rush.

Tomorrow I start real classes. I’m getting all nervous again. I have calculus and political science followed by a break for lunch, then health and duathaloning. My afternoon is going to be meh. But I figure I can take a shower afterwards and feel all clean for the whole afternoon/evening. Then there’s the fact that I don’t have to get up until 7:30. SEVEN-THIRTY. And THEN I just got and eat breakfast.

Somehow, I’m surviving.


  1. considering how quickly we changed to the metric system, wait, we never did change to the metric system. Pluto isn’t going anywhere, and My Very Excited Mother who`Just Served Us Nine Pizza’s isn’t either.

  2. what about uranus. is it still the size of a planet.

    god, that never gets old. yes it does, but my immaturity is endearing and characteristic. Also, you should get on AIM sometime, fucker.

  3. it really DOES feel like summer camp.

    especially because everyone on my floor still thinks they are in third grade.

    eh, it’s WAY worth it.

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