Baba O’Riley

We were walking to dinner and someone was playing the ‘Casino Night Zone’ theme from Sonic 2 on the piano. No joke. This is funny, seeing as how Ian and I beat Sonic 2 last week. The damn song’s still stuck in my head.

There was an SPS (Society of Physics Students) meeting tonight. I really like physics, and every time I hear about the research opportunities I get really, really excited. But then I try and do the homework and I get sort of depressed and annoyed. Kinematics really doesn’t interest me; I don’t care. I do, but I don’t. It’s weird. I think I’m less settled into the whole college thing than I thought I was.

The new season of House also started, which has me totally excited. It’s the only show I turn on the TV to watch regularly, so it’s kind a big deal. And by big deal I mean huge deal because I’m a little bit obsessed.

I also just set my voicemail, so give me call (660) 785-4920.
Hank and I both went to the trouble of making entertaining messages.


  1. secret: i feel the same about econ. Like, half of me is really interested, and the other half doesn’t give a shit about which way the demand curve shifts or whatever.

  2. For whatever strange reason I just read econ, as corn, I was wondering why Ethan would only be half intrested in corn. It is, however a fairly fickle vegetable. Plus I’m sure the whole Iowa thing adds a twist.

  3. ecorn… it’s like eprops.

    Except hypothetically it could be eaten by ecrows; whereas even in the hypothetical realm, eprops are still useless as shit.

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