Kid A

Too much going on as of late. That seems to be a recurring theme of college. I sort of hate how steep the learning curve of life is. I feel like I signed on without knowing what a pain it was going to be. Nonetheless, I’m here, and I’m doing my best.

All this weekend was Family Weekend. My parents came in, and I was way excited. I’ve ended up missing them a lot more than I thought I would. And I sort of expected to miss them quite a bit to begin with. Needless to say, I was really happy that they came down. Erin even missed Homecoming just to come see me!

They brought a huge cargo (foodstuffs, t-shirts, GameBoy, CDs, medicine, shampoo, etc.) with them, so it was like Christmas came early. Then we went to the one nice restaurant I know in K-Ville on Friday. I can’t wait to eat my leftovers.

The next day they came over early and we went to some speaking thing, which was worth it just to see the Franklin Street Singers. I’m not big on live entertainment, much less of the song/dance variety, but that was a very impressive and fun performance. Then we walked up to get some Truman Apparel for my grandmother from Patty’s, and we piled in the car to go somewhere.

It was kinda funny, we had no idea where. We ened up at 1000 Hills State Park, where we just looked around at Park stuff. It was almost surreal… my family is pretty into National Parks. Anytime we go on vacation we usually see one or two. So this state park had the same little signs and outlooks of nature and dirt trails, it was like we were on vacation. Right then I missed family vacations more than I ever looked forward to one in my life.

That reminds me a little bit of something else that was a little sad. I sometimes feel like I’m really immature. Not as in I say profane things when I shouldn’t, or I make lewd hand gestures at authority figures. It’s different then that. I can’t help but note that I’m the only one who still plays with action figures at college. I’m also pretty sure I’m the only kid here that misses his Legos. I also kinda hoped I’d come around on the ‘Loud Music and Dancing’ thing that almost everyone my age likes.

I don’t. I’m just as uncomfortable with that setup as I was four years ago. I can’t figure out why everyone is so at ease with it and why I’m so uncomfortable. It’s perplexing though, because I simultaneously feel like one of the most mature people on the planet. So many people in this world are oblivious to how their actions affect others. It’s even more maddening when I get it and they don’t.

Sorry, this is sort of downer-themed.

Aside from all that, I’ve started listening to a lot more Radiohead, which I really have started to enjoy. It’s good trance-homework-thinking music. The lyrics are so muddled and nondescript that it makes it a lot more ambient than most music, but the sound is still distinct enough to get your brain shifted into that ‘pattern recognition mode’ that makes listening to music good for you.

I also can’t wait to buy the Killers’ new record when I go home next weekend.
I hope it doesn’t suck.


  1. i’m going to consolidate comments on the latest two entries:
    1. that keyboard thing looks sweet
    2. I’m using the RSS. yayyyy firefox for making that easy.
    3. Your favorite band sucks. I don’t actually think either of those bands suck, but I feel that someone should say it every time anyone posts anything about music, ever.
    4. I feel that the comment box should be wider.
    5. E-mail me back, you fucker. Although I understand you’re hella busy, so no worries.
    6. I understand what you were calling immaturity (i’m not sure it is). I pretty much have been skipping the massive parties around here to watch movies and play speed scrabble and shit – basically what I was doing back home. But that’s more out of an interest in sobriety more than anything else. I enjoy dancing, but I feel like an ass doing it, which means that I can only stand to do it about once a month.

    And apparantly, there’s a character limit, so hold up.

  2. 7. The more I think about it, the more I don’t think you need to worry about anything. Okay, I might make fun of the legos and action figures, but it’s all in good fun. you’re capable of relating to people normally, having real conversations, feeling empathy, recognizing social norms (I don’t mean dancing, I mean hygene. or the importance of social relationships, and when to keep your mouth shut), which I think are all a hell of a lot more important than whether or not you like dancing.

    although dancing can be a hell of a lot of fun.

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