This River Is Wild

So break was awesome. I got to sponsor at Blue Valley. Except by ‘sponsor’ I mean ‘judge’, and only where ‘judge’ means ‘Judge with Ethan on panels’. When all was said and done I’d judged 5 rounds of debate: Friday: Novice Rd. 2. Saturday: Varsity Rd. 4, Varsity Sems, Open Sems, Novice Finals. They were (in respective order): Crap, meh, meh, Crap, Crap. I don’t think I said one positive thing on the Novice Finals ballot, which is a little depressing.

I can’t decide if I was way to hard on them or if they just sucked. It’s a little late for regretts, so I’m just gonna say they sucked. My favorite comment I wrote was to this one girl: “You are far too rude and flippant for me to respect or listen to you.” And it was true. I don’t think I really deserved to get paid for that, because I didn’t really do what I was sent there to do, which was sponsor. But whatever. It was still awesome and I can’t wait to go back and do it at the end of the month!

The rest of break was pretty uneventful, mostly because that’s quite nearly all I did was debate-tournament related things. I saw my family, and my cats! I was really glad my cats remembered me. You sort of expect that kind of thing from your family, but when your pets recognize you it’s proverbial icing on the break-cake. I really hated coming back to school, mostly because of my physics mid-term (which went sort of OK).

But now that that’s done, I’m not terribly upset to be back.


  1. So what happened to hanging out with the coolest person ever?…(aka me)
    …on a side note, my dog recognized me too…he only sleeps in my room when i’m here…and follows me around the house. and yes it’s pretty nice.

  2. "And I got to hang out with Murphy, which is the only reason I come home anyway."

    That’s what it should have said, asswipe.

  3. Man. I can’t believe I forgot about Taco Bell. That was totally the shit. Wal-Mart, less so, but that can’t be helped.

    And Murph, you just wait. One weekend I WILL come back, just for you. And you’ll scorn and shun me like you do every other weekend, and I’ll be crushed on the inside.

  4. if you don’t feel like you deserve the money I’ll take all of it.

    I did have to suffer through much more child wrangling then you did. What with the condoms and the loud obnoxiousness.

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