Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

It was supposed to rain today. Instead it just got wet. Somehow the weather here finds a way to get the moisture from the sky directly to the ground, circumventing the air inbetween. Rain if you want to be wet; otherwise bring back the sun. I’m so tired of looking out at grey all the time.

Which begs the question: Grey or Gray?
Personally, I feel that ‘grey’ looks like a cooler word. However, ‘gray’ better distinguishes in abreviated format from ‘green’ (gra, gre), as well as it appears to be spelled more like it sounds. I’d call that it’s ‘phoneticity rating’. I’m open to suggestions.

In other news, I finally killed the smell in our refridgerator. It’s been reekin’ for quite a while. First Hank and I pitched the cherries (age: 6 weeks). Then I threw away my left overs (age: 1 week). The final judgement fell to a bag of limes (age: 7 weeks). One of them was rotted all over the outside. I threw them all away and I’m not scared to open the fridge now.

It’s a happy day. I appologized to Hank, becuase they were his limes and I got rid of them without asking. He said it was ok, and he’d figured they’d be bad by now. Which then begs the question of why he didn’t throw them away himself, but whatever. I honestly don’t care. I’m just glad I can open the fridge for some cold water without having my olfactory organs assailed by deviant oders.

So that’s that. Another previously mentioned topic would be Sam’s Town. The new Killer’s album that I hoped wouldn’t suck. The Rolling Stone review I read about it said it sucked, and wasn’t as good as their first record and that they went for way too much. I guess I agree for the most part, but there’s something about the theme that gets me. The entire album is centered around growing up in a crappy town where everything is lacking in impact on the larger world. Existance-is-futile sort of thing.

And right now at college that really speaks to me. I feel like I’m working myself to the bone for something that may or may not even matter in the long run, which can be really discouraging.

I just realized though that the term’s more than halfway over.
I should make it.

I’m sponsoring another tournament this weekend. This time it’s off to Baldwin, which has a sort of bitter-sweet connotation assoiciated with it. Please refer to the Brak Blog Entry “Livin’ on a Prayer” for the full explaination.

And I washed my sheets today. I hate that. It’s not so much getting them washed that’s the problem, but getting sheets back onto a lofted bed is too hard. I don’t plan on doing it again. I probably will anyway though.

House will be back on soon; Halloween, in fact!

I’m going to go bite the bullet and do math.
*grinds teeth*

*bullet explodes*


  1. oh you poor bastard. Baldwin.
    While i’ll be in sunny, retarded Cedar Rapids judging the space aff (AGAIN).

  2. Wow. How is the old Space Aff? I’m currious to see how it applies to the topic for the 10th consecutive decade.

    (If you’ll do the math, you’ll notice that it’s applied for exactly 100 years, which is longer than people have even been exploring space.

    Uncanny, isn’t it?)

  3. the crazy weather thing is happening here too. Yesterday it was misting. No drops big enough to make impact, too many specks to be ignored. Just mist. everywhere.

    And, for some reason, I liked it.

  4. haha our ibs man was so cool. and our pictures of the demented soccer children in the newspaprer… good times. OH! and that was the day scooter libby got indicted!!! beautiful!

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