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I got two packages in one week. One was a bunch of stuff I forgot at home over break ie: cellphone, meds, William Shatner CD… (thanks Mom!). The other was another Evangelion. Unit-03 is black and comes with an MP5, rocket launcher, and a big shield. He’s pretty cool.

We had a mammoth senate meeting tonight, probably because it was our last one. We got a lot of stuff done, and the Technology committee got renewed for another semester to give us more time to put together a review. This got me all galvanized to do senate stuff… and then I come home and have to do math.

Right now we’re doing ‘Taylor and Macluarin Series’. For more on this, I refer you [to Wikipedia].

That looks like one of those pages that I occasionally stumble across and kinda go… “What in the world?” No, seriously? How can that possibly be useful? What they do is represent functions as infinite series… which I think makes it easier for calculators to compute values of things like Sin, Cos, e, etc. I think.

Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention… I HATE THESE THINGS!
They drive me nuts. I’m finally starting to understand them a little, but the homework questions are so incredibly hard, and we never spend enough time to fully absorb and understand this information… I dunno what to do.

Except I do. I just did my best, and left it at that. Then I got all depressed that I’m going to be a crummy physicist because I’m not a very good mathematician. That wasn’t helped by the fact that I got all depressed earlier about being a crummy physicist because the concept of entropy boggles my mind, and I don’t feel that it’s been properly explained to me either.

What this all boils down to is I can’t decide if the teachers are lacking in skill, or if I’m just an idiot.
Oh well. Christmas is coming soon, which’ll give me a good excuse to not think about how bad I am at thinking.

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