I Ran (So Far Away)

It’s frigid here in the K-Ville. K-Town. K-Mart… Call it what you will. Regardless, it’s really quite chilly.

My sad news is that I’m work-sick. I’ve been doing a really good job of budgeting my time, and getting everything done, but its been too draining to the point that now I’m fatigued.

Every day I wake up really tired. I lie to myself and tell myself that I’m going to nap later in the day. It is a lie my one self tells every morning to the other self; it’s a lie the other self believes every morning as well…

I then go to classes, and when I’m not in class I’m doing homework. Then comes meals, when I go and eat, and then come back and do more work. BLAH. I’ve ended up delegating ‘fun-time’ to the hour block between when I get out of the shower and when I go to bed. [I must have watched The Office DVD like… 3 times through now. It’s sad.] As a result, I don’t go to bed until around 1-1:30, which in turn means I have to wake up and lie to myself about the nap thing.

Suffice to say that I’m sick of the cycle, and am greatly looking forward to this weekend! This Friday Jim Gaffigan is coming to Truman, and we’re going to see him. Following this, Ian and Lizz and I will hop into a car and drive back to Kansas City. There I’ll be attending the Sadie Hawkins dance with Kathryn Murphy!

Ian will be in attendance with my sister, of all people;
and Joanne will be joining us with whatever action she scored at the club the night before.

Erin and Murphy asked Ian and myself in a very clever, long distance sort of way. They made each of us a deck of apples-to-apples cards! I picked out my favorites and listed them here:

Uniforms –
The plaid isn’t bad, (but that rhyme sure is)

Juggernaut –
Have you ever seen a costume like mine?

Bullet Holes –
Why would someone putty up historical bullet holes?
That’s just tacky.

House –
Don’t mess with his pimp cane.

SudexHo –
You think you won’t miss it, but you will.

Sean Connery –
The card that trumps all others.

Those totally made today. Which is good, because my yesterday got made as well.
If I may quote directly, Joanne sent me the following message, in Visiolibri [from the Latin, on Facebook]:

now it’s my turn to tell you that i have to go work on some awesome calc for hurst. ohh yes!!! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!! alex morris has your book from last year (i tried to get him to trade, but he won’t, it’s kinda strange actually…) and the other day we were flipping to a page and tom’s handwriting was inside. what did it say??

“…And i ran, i ran so far away. i just raaaaaan, i ran all night and daaaaay.” pg. 279. -i should have taken it as a sign to drop. but i didn’t!

“Sometimes, I even amaze myself.” – Han Solo

I wrote things in my math book because I hate math, and would rather deface school property than actually work. Those books were brand new, which means that they’ll be with the course for a few years… which means that kids will see my defacement-musings for years to come.

I just never figured someone would read them and appreciate them.

How utterly delightful, in spite of everything else.


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