She Loves You

I really don’t understand people who dislike Valentine’s day. Everyone who’s all bitter about it goes around calling it “Singles Awareness Day”. Seriously, quit complaining.

My strong stance on this issue is not, though you might think, derived from the fact that I’m currently in a stable, long term relationship. Granted, that’s an inseparable part of it, but it is far from the primary reason.

Most of my Valentine’s day cards/candy came from my mom/family, and my grandmas.

There, I said it.
My grandmas

There’s too much focus on the romantic aspect of Valentine’s day, which is a total shame. Why would you limit the scope of a holiday that combines the giving of presents and chocolate on one day to such a narrow populous?

Let me repeat: presents, and chocolate.
It’s like Christmas and Easter had an illegitimate child-holiday.

I don’t understand how you can not like that.

Single? Bitter?
No one cares.

Get off your butt and send your mom a card, or do something nice for one of your close friends.
If enough people do that, then maybe Valentine’s day could really reach its true potential as the secular holiday to end all secular holidays.


  1. i had a how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-heart-grew-three-sizes-moment yesterday..

    I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day because when I’m in a relationship, I feel under pressure to do something ’cause it’s Valentine’s Day, and when I’m not dating anyone, I feel bitter towards the world. There’s a general feeling of bitterness floating among several of my friends (I have three friends who are still angry at their last girlfriends. No joke. One of them is totally justified, the other two need to suck it up).

    Anyway, so bitter. Except my friend Amy talked to her boyfriend in Oregon for an hour, and came out and was so perky and smiley and Asian and I was like "man, this isn’t such a bad holiday."

    so yeah.

  2. in reply to your comment on my xanga: No, dumbass. I’m taking a class called "Harmony." It is about music theory, specifically about harmonic structure. And I have a test tomorrow.

    Also, your mother.

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