A Pain That I’m Used To

Making it through this is going to be a challenge.

Last night I was up until 3 AM (which is pretty late, even for me) working on Chem stuff and listening to Death Cab for Cutie. The smell of over-cooked Ramen hung in the air; I was alone in my thoughts. It reminded me a lot of high school.

I’ve divvied up the week’s homework by day, and it’s looking to be another Herculean effort. I kinda hate how every week is an escalation of the previous one. Spring break is less than four days away, but I’ve still got 3 days of Physics, a Post-Lab, a Pre-Lab, a German Mid-term, Chemistry Homework, a Government Final, and a Chemistry Quiz to go.

I’ll soldier on though. I’ve got some things to look forward to.

  • Home for hardly a day, then it’s off to Grinnell this Saturday with Laura to go see Ethan.
  • Over the week of break I’ll be building an electric motor for Physics class. I’ve been browsing RadioShack’s website for magnets, and saddly they don’t even rate them by how many Teslas (unit of the strength of a magnetic field) they produce. How entirely tragic.
  • I also get to see my family soon, which will be awesome.
  • And the weekend just before I have to go home, Miege has its forensics tournament.

So break is going to be really good, I just need to get there first.


  1. you left off: you get to see Lizz. Which is something you haven’t done for like a week.

    also, I’m excited for the miege tournament.

    And it’s raining really hard still

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