Sleeping Lessons

So I’m not dead. March kinda went by the wayside for one reason or another. Which at this point is fine with me. I’m sortof at the, “OK, I get it,” phase of college. I’ve learned all the lessons that freshman year had to teach me.

I’m ready for a new roommate.
I’m ready to not be murdered by the intro Physics classes.
I’m ready for summer, more than anything.

To live and work and sleep at home is a tantalizing concept that I’m doing my best to not get too terribly excited about. Not to mention the prospect of seeing a handful of people whose absence has not gone unnoticed during the past few months.

Problem though: No job.
I’ve begun to seriously consider reprising my Tower Cleaners Post, which means I’m in BIG trouble and need to find work fast.

Some good news on the academic front:
Survived (Actually did quite decently on) the cumulative Electricity and Magnetism test in Physics.
Totally rewarding myself with some type of action figure.

I really need to get more sleep.
Everyone else has tomorrow “off”, because it’s Student Research Conference Day. I’ll still be up at 8 AM courtesy of Senate, making tonight the 2nd “Less Than Five Hours Night’s Sleep” night this week. What a terrific start I’m off to.

I also registered today in the following classes:
Modern Physics I
Vibrations and Waves
Political Methodology
Intermediate German I
Linear Algebra (pending an override)

I’m looking forward to nearly all of those, so it’ll be a good semester.

So yeah. Nothing huge to report in life. I’m gonna get back in the posting saddle soon. Maybe even tomorrow with some highlights from the aforementioned SRC Day.


  1. i find it interesting that a full courseload for you guys is five classes, when it’s only four for us.

    i could take linear next semester, and we could compare notes!

  2. MODERN Physics 1. I took Mechanics (kinematics, etc.) and Thermodynamics last semester, and Electricity & Magnetism and Optics this semester.

    Up next are things like General Relativity, and so on. I assume.

  3. so i have like 2 guy friends here that reward themselves with action figures too, and it always makes me think of you.
    i am excited for summer, too. please tell me we will all go to chubby’s!

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