At the Bottom of Everything

So many things going on, with school winding down and summer almost here.
Though you wouldn’t know it from the weather.

As promised, the Senate update:
The world did not end. Matt is our president now, and he’s pretty ambitious about the whole affair. I’m reserving my judgment, especially to see how he handles appointments. However, in talking with him, I’m optimistic that we’ll still be able to get things done. Also, I re-did just about every single application on the site for this re-staffing/regime-change.

The site that I need to rebuild (again) over the summer.
However, I get some fancy Senate-financed new software to do that, so that’ll be fun.

While we’re on that topic, I recently entered into a new elected position. We held SPS (society of physics students) elections today. Courtney Bonney nominated “Ian & the Other One” for Secretary.

[Story Behind This: Ian and I usually approach volunteering for stuff in physics with a “I’m game if you’re game”-type attitude. So consequently we usually show up to the same stuff, and skip the same stuff. We made an effort to befriend Courtney early on, and she thought we were odd. We ended up making friends with her roommate who we have German Tutoring with. Her roommate then relayed to Courtney that we thought she hated us, and from then on Courtney made an effort to say ‘hey’ to us. Friendship via roommate-guilt-extortion? Maybe. Did it work? Hell yes.In any case, she still had trouble remembering exactly who we were; to quote: “I remember Ian Noble’s name, and The Other One’s Face…” Tonight, she said that she’d seen my name written too many times, and could no longer think of me as “The Other One.” I wasn’t sure how to feel about that…]

In the end, I overestimated the formality of SPS elections. I really wanted this position, so to help our case, I threw together a PowerPoint presentation last night (1:30 AM – 2:30 AM). Upon arriving at the meeting, we were basically expected to deliver an impromptu speech about our candidacy. Instead of doing this, I was permitted to give [our presentation].

This was met with a surprising amount of positive feedback, mostly laughs and friendly heckling. Also, we made Courtney cry she was laughing so hard. I was happy my late night endeavor was appreciated. So yeah, we won.

To segue from that, I’m not the only one who’s been havin’ fun in PowerPoint. She’s got no clue how to use Photoshop, but Lizz has got her PowerPoint Slides down. Recently she took a bunch of stupid pictures of me, and became inspired. Inspired by [this]. I got that picture from Ethan when I went to visit him a few weeks ago. It makes myself and Ethan laugh; it makes Laura and Lizz roll their eyes.

So what does Lizz do? She makes [her own].

Suffice to say, if school can end on a note this good, summer’s going to rock.

[Addendum: I saw “Who Killed the Electric Car” tonight. It got me all juiced up and angry and big oil and the Bush administration and the automotive industry… So now I’m all angsty and in need of an Electric Automobile.]

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