Broken Toy

Today was a whirlwind of activity. And by today, I of course am referring to a few hours ago. College has put me on a different time-scale. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I never wanted to be THAT familiar with one o’clock, but it and I see each other every night now. How disheartening.

Anyways, this day began with an early brunch, and a few sad attempts at getting real work done. That was quickly forgone for SAB(Student Activities Board)’s Final Blowout, which is exactly what it sounds like. They’re having one more thing for kids to go to, and they get rid of a bunch of random crap in the process.

It’s essentially like a carnival, but all the games and free, because you technically already paid for it with your activities fee. Ian, Leah, Lizz and I all worked together to amass a bunch of tickets to buy… a bunch of junk. At the end of the day, we ended up with a jump rope, a bouncy ball, a snap-bracelet, a photo album, and a Dirty Dancing poster. We got all that in like, an hour. Think of the damage we could’ve done if we’d shown up at 2 when it started.

Next year we’ve all resolved to take it by storm and get something cool, like a movie or a coffee maker. I wanted to win the first season of Grey’s Anatomy so I could smash it with my House-cane, but that was sort of a hard sell for the team as a whole.

After Final Blowout we spent another good hour or so just playing with Lizz’s bouncy ball in front of Centennial before dinner. It was a lot of fun at the time, but by the time we were done, I was pretty sore, and it reminded me how entirely nonfunctional my body is right now, which is sad. Did I mention how broken I am?

My body and I used to have this agreement whereby I ate food that was terrible for me in sparring amounts, and it kept me from getting fat. Another part of that was that I didn’t regularly exercise, but I also wasn’t especially sedentary, and so I had a bit of muscle, but no stamina.

Lets just say I kinda screwed the ol’ Body over; By depriving it of the precious sleep it needs to keep me working. The first thing it went for was my hip. It hurts me a little bit whenever I walk anywhere now, which isn’t so terrible, it’s just really annoying. I also have a perpetually (as of last week) bloodshot eye that Ian thinks is pink eye.

I feel like some old boat that’s been battered again and again by the storm, but it might just barely coast into port to be repaired and set sail again. Getting to port, for me though, is going to be rough. Some rocky finals lie ahead, as well as tying up some loose homework ends, but I think I can make it.

Then maybe I’ll stop begin all gross and broken.
I hope.

I feel so dumb about the leg thing, because now I actually occasionally use that cane I bought a while back. I got it so I could pretend I was House, and it was good for that, but now it’s gotten a little too real for me.

Which reminds me of the fact that I love pretending things. It’s my deal. I love toy guns and swords because they’re representations of dangers and adventures I’ll never experience. It’s sad, but I don’t mind. I catch a lot of flack for still wanting to play with toys, but I don’t care.

Up until two Easters ago, my cousins and I still played “capture the flag” with guns after we’d eaten the the Easter feast. I realized that this year when we didn’t… It was sad. Almost tragic. I don’t understand why people stop pretending as they get older. Yeah, it’s silly, but you feel so cool when you’re doing it. I love chasing that feeling, that whatever you’re doing is totally beyond you, except for that brief instant in which it isn’t.

But I digress (majorly!); after we ate dinner tonight, we went to wal-mart. I looked at toys and we fought with foam swords in the aisles. It was fun. While we were there, my sister called and told me she qualified to Nationals! How exciting!!! Congratulations Erin!

After that we came back and I did some homework. Then we all took a break and did a little project in the field behind C-Hall. I bought Mentos and Diet Coke from the C-Store, along with an entire can of chips which I would proceed to finish in a single night (gross). Upon mixing the two, Ian and I got soda all over ourselves, but it was still pretty cool. It got all fizzy and explody really quick.

The last thing we did was watch L.A. Confidential, which I always thought was a comedy, but is actually a really, really good police drama. As I was walking Lizz home, we saw a raccoon hanging out by the dumpster behind the SUB (Student Union Building) and it was really weird. I was scared it was going to attack me on the way back.

Which brings us to now.

I’d like to read some Paradise Lost before going to sleep, but it’s too complicated and I’m to tired, and Hank’s snoring. He’s been asleep since 11:30 when he came home, which was weird to start with considering most nights he doesn’t even come home at all. But whatever.

I’ll have my cats for roommates in a few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to.

In any case, I really should just get to sleep to try and hope my leg/eye self-repair with rest.
I’d really like to keep them for a few more years…

Plus it sucks actually needing that stupid cane I bought to ‘play House’.

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  1. you have time to play house but not to e-mail me. sad.

    did i tell you about the two weeks at the beginning of the semester where all we did was run around and shoot each other with nerf guns? It’s a shitton of fun.

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