Madel, Du Machst Mir Was Vor

Today we had our last real Elementary German II class. It was pretty sad, or ‘trauig’, as Herr Richter put it. I’m sure I spelled that wrong, but I don’t even care.

Case in point, it’s one of the few classes that I’ll be sad to see go. Math was better than usual, but I’m still bad at it. Chemistry was… terrible, suffice to say. So terrible, in fact, that I’m taking my last chemistry class EVER over the summer just to be done with it. And physics wasn’t bad, but like math it’s really hard.

German was my fun class, and I’m sad to see it go. It convinced me to take more German, but I don’t think it’ll be as fun with a different instructor. A prime example of this would be German’s affect on my music tastes. We listened to a little chunk of Beethoven’s 9th; see: [This Past Entry], and I got into classical music. We also listened to this random pop song, and I got obsessed with it.

It’s the title of today’s entry. Additionally, as a special treat, I’ve posted the actual music file. I feel safe in doing this only because I’d be thankful if someone filed litigation against me for this on account of two reasons: 1) They can’t possibly be claiming much in damages because of it. 2) At least then I’d know who I can buy the record from.

So that’s that. Without further ado, I present: [Madel, Du Machst Mir Was Vor]

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