No Rain

What? Of course! I’d love to have a fire alarm at 2 AM.

I can’t decide what’s worse: The fact that we had to go out in the pouring rain for a fire drill at 2 AM, or the fact that I was still up. I’m banking on the former, which means I have free reign to complain about being all cold and wet.

However, my legitimacy in whining is mitigated by the fact that I came right back inside and blogged about it.

Oh well.


  1. Dear Tom,
    You are a whiney bitch.
    But I miss you.
    Please come home and see me very soon.

  2. That sucks…we had a fire alarm yesterday that woke me up from my nap…stood outside for 40 minutes because there was dust in the detector, came inside for FIVE minutes before the alarm went off AGAIN!….ugh! stupid dust!

  3. give me a call when you get a chance

    since you lied and said you’d do it last weekend.

    hope finals went all right.

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