Mr. Roboto

I found out at school that my left eye was not working so well. It could not see things that were far away. Yesterday’s trip to the optometrist [Greek, ‘opto-‘ meaning sight + ‘-metrist’ (from METER, meaning to measure) meaning one who measures] informed me that my left eye is, in fact, near sighted.

How entirely tragic.

I lived my whole life being 20/20. Not that I honestly know what that means, but as a kid I took a lot of pride in the fact that I had good vision. No more! I now have what my doctor calls “monovision” [Greek, ‘mono-‘ meaningone… OK. Stopping that now.] where my eyes apparently decided to compartmentalize responsibilities.

The left one works hard at the close up stuff, whereas the right on takes point on things that are far away… lazy no-good pieces-of-ocular-tissue. In any case, I guess I’m not slightly broken, and so I’ll now join the ranks of the millions of people who have contact lenses. Except not. Most people get contact lenses. I am the proud wearer of a SINGLE contact lens.

Granted, it takes less time to get in, but still. I feel like I’ve got some kindof half-man half-machine cyborg-business going on… Like if I were turned into a comic book character, and all my features carried to hyperbolic fruition, that eye would be able to shoot lasers, and my bad hip would actually be a rocket launcher.

See below for an illustration:

Click For Detail

I think that looks about right.
I just added the sword because it looks cool. Ya know… for good measure.

Anyways. That was my little adventure for the day.
The contact is surprisingly comfortable…
Though I cannot say the same about Jericho the Destructor’s DEATH LAZOR!!!

P.S.: Ethan and I bought off-brand nerf shotguns. They’re kindof a pain, but [look really awesome].

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