Working for the Weekend

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So today in and of itself went just fine. In fact, I might even wager so far as to say that it went “well”. However, some issues came to my attention. I checked my planner at the end of the day, and next week is as follows:


Test in Political Methodology

Test (In Class Portion) in Vibrations and Waves
Test in Intermediate German
Test in Linear Algebra at 7 PM

Work on Test (Take Home) in Modern Physics
Work on Test (Take Home Portion) in Vibrations and Waves
(Go Home for Break?)


So like… what the hell?
I can’t believe the nerve of my professors, collectively conspiring to ruin fall break. No clue how I’m going to manage all this. As sickening as the thought is, I have little option: I guess I’ll just start studying this week.
It reminds me of that one episode of The Office:

…time cards, he [Michael] has to sign these every Friday. Purchase orders have to be approved at the end of every month and expense reports: all he has to do is initial these, at the end of every quarter… but once a year it all falls on the same Friday. That’s today. I call it the perfect storm.

-Pam Beasly

On account of said ‘perfect storm’, I might not be coming home for Mid-Term (Fall) Break (Oct. 20-21) as was previously advertised, which is terrible, but it may end up being necessary. We’ll see; I’ll keep you posted.


  1. yeah, I kind of want to shoot myself in the foot. woo for the office though. too bad i have no time to watch television unless it’s during the hour break i have in the day…daytime television = beauty and the geek and dr. phil.

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