Jigsaw Falling Into Place

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The new Radiohead album came out just this past week. I like it a lot. Better than I liked Hail to the Thief, anyway. It’s growing on me really quickly, so if you’re into that, you should check it out. You can actually download a modest-quality version of the entire album from Radiohead’s website. I hope they release an actual “real” CD version soon though.

It was also parents’ weekend, which was really, really fun! They took me out for nice meals, and in exchange I complained about how hard my cushy academic life is. In truth though, things have been kinda stressful lately. On top of all those tests mentioned earlier, I’ve also been fretting big time about what I’m going to do over the summer (apparently, while I wasn’t looking, “nothing” ceased to be an acceptable answer): work, school, internship, what?! I don’t know.

Also: My future housing situation is up in the air. We might get a big house for us to all live in. We might divvy up apartments. Maybe no one will take any initiative and we’ll just squat our rooms and stay exactly where we are. I don’t know, and that’s what’s killing me.

I went out to the observatory the other day. Hopefully I will be able to make it out there a few times a week and start being useful to Angela Postma and here astronomy research. I really enjoyed myself, despite the fact that I was wearing sandals in forty-degree, windy night-time weather… But it was so cool. Something about being on that deserted little farm and looking at all those stars up there just gets you thinking in a different state.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I had no feeling in my feet. I dunno.

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  1. Additionally: the new Interpol album is also, as stated of Radiohead above, better than its immediate predecessor, and the most recent Muse album gets a lot better after taking a little time away from it.

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