Piano Bar I

      Piano Bar I - Yoko Kanno/The Seatbelts




I am such an IDIOT.

Just spent the past two hours busting ass to try and hack back into my WordPress account because I thought my administrative account had been deleted. However, after a lot of sleuthing in the SLQ Database, I found this was not the case.

I had just forgotten my username.


I really do amaze myself sometimes… I really do.

I also hope that something like this never actually happens. Restoring the SLQ Database is something that I don’t think would’ve been hard… just scary. The type of thing where there’s 4 steps, but deviating in any way from any of those steps means I am up a creek, sans blog.

Eh. I’m back for Christmas now. It was a fun drive up.
Actually, the night before, I typed a whole blog, but didn’t post it. I was really, really lucid, so it might not find its way to the main page. I dunno.

We’ll see.

The reason I was needing to get in and get some blog-work done was I have something kinda special planned for the end of the year. Nothing that cool, but something. So yeah. That should be up and working soon.