Joy Ride

      Joy Ride - The Killers

Well hey there, everybody.

Suppose it’s kindof been a while.

Getting back on that old blogging horse though, and I’ve decided there’s no better time in which to do that than during a trip! I’m currently sitting in “The Chalet,” a small living-quarters area located on the campus of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. Myself, Cody, Nick, Kerry Anne, and Dr. Beaky just arrived here about… six hours ago.

We were supposed to leave Kirksville at around 5:30 PM, on Tuesday, but to do weather conditions (see: Hellofsnow) we were delayed until around 7 AM Wednesday. We then proceeded to spend the next 24 hours driving across the Midwest into the Southwest to the grand state of Arizona. The best part? When we arrived here, they had forgotten to leave our keys out.

So here we are, 6 AM in the morning (local time), dead-dog-tired, covered in Car Grime (you know? that dirt that accumulates on your person only, and I mean ONLY in an automobile?), and we’re forced to sleep in our cold, cold minivan yet another two hours. That part was pretty miserable. Also sleeping around 12 hours in something that’s moving at about 70 MPH: no picnic either.

Case in point, we’re finally here! We sampled some fine cuisine along the way: Maple Something (Breakfast Diner in Macon, MO), McDonalds Adjacent to RestStop (surprisingly clean!), and finally the apex of MY trip: Chili’s in Amarillo, TX! It was stupendous. I think I’m focusing on food right now because we at at Chili’s at about… 9-something, CST, meaning I haven’t had food in like… 18 hours? Oh geez. Better get on that.

Feeling pretty good though. All-in-all, things turned out OK. Our little delay meant I got to stay on campus for a few more hours, which included a pretty good party, an adventure to the roost and the bowels of OP, and (my mouth salivates now, at the thought) Ian’s Custom Exam Treats!!! They were so good… I would kill for a cinnamon roll right now.

But enough about how hungry I am. Gonna figure out how to get music off my iPod and onto the website. Hope everyone’s finals/dead weeks are going well.