You Are (NOT) Alone Comes to America, Boston

Only just recently, I dropped a post about impressions concerning Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, You Can (NOT) Advance. There’s a lot to speculate on, and I’ve been poking around the internet for some decent reviews with mixed results:

A spoiler-less review that is a tad cursory, but gives you a good idea what to expect left me wanting a little more. A far more detailed review gives a lot deeper analysis of the characters, new and old, how they’ve changed, and the difference in tone between Rebuild and the original source material. I actually had to stop reading that one though, because I don’t want the story ruined for me.

…It does, however, put me in pain for wanting to see the original, despite the fact that they’re still in Kirksville! Damn. I never quite forget how much I like Eva, but sometimes I do get a reminder that proves to be annoyingly painful. So anyways, that’s all I’ve really got to report about 2.0. The real meat today concerns 1.0, which you might have thought was old news!

Au contaire! I went looking for the above Evangelion news (mainly, reviews of 2.0 which was released in late June) and some how stumbled upon this trailer:

[NOTE: I actually found it at the Apple Trailer Site for Evangelion 1.0, where it is available in high quality]

Imagine my surprise! I had not heard so much as a peep about a North American release, and I was beginning to give up on one. Turns out that I found this on July 3rd, and the official press release was only published on the second. Go me for keeping up with the times, for once. Anyways, Funimation was just releasing the English Language cast and director, and noted at the bottom that it would be in theaters this summer.

It looks like the English language cast from the series has come back, for the principles at least. I’m really excited that we’re going to get the film, and that it’ll be here as soon as this summer. The DVD can’t be far off, which is the real goal, for me at least. I heard that they just released the film in Japan again, but this time as a BluRay. It’s funny that I could care less about regular films in that high of quality, but I’m pretty curious to see what Eva in super-monster HD looks like.

There are no additional points of speculation, as I’ve already talked 1.0 to death, but the last thing I’ll encourage you to check out Funimation’s Events Page to see if Evangelion is playing near you. By some fluke of time, space, and luck, Evangelion 1.0 is showing in Boston on August 14, the day before I get on a plane to leave! I’m very, very excited, and already have my ticket, because I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Granted, I’ve already seen it once, but that was a grainy torrent back in the Summer of 2007, and I can barely remember even watching it, so this is well in order.

Anyways, I’ll report back after I see it in August, and give you the full run-down of my thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a fantastic film experience!