NRA Has No Love for Sotomayor

Not that this is much of a revelation, but apparently the NRA is not too hot on Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Sheesh.

They’re including a given senator’s vote on the Sotomayor confirmation in their ‘ratings’ of senators, and I guess that’s fair. I just kinda feel like that’s kinda cheap. You only decide to include it after you’ve found her to not love guns to the extent that your bloodlust is satisfied? NRA, you should have been on top of this a long time ago. It’s the supreme court, for crying out loud! That should be in your stupid little evaluation thing either way.

From my read on the situation, these ratings the NRA arbitrates seem to carry a good deal of clout in getting people elected. That stands to reason, given the funding and resources behind the gun lobby. I guess it just makes me sad. I’ll go on record saying that I don’t like guns too much, and I wish nobody had ’em, and also:

Confession: This post was supposed to have more analysis, but I lost an hour and a half watching Eddie Izzard clips on YouTube after looking for that clip. Oops.


  1. why do you have to have so many things to watch and listen to. I can’t read your blog at work any more!

  2. Dude. The blog is fun now. Kids love audio-visual stimuli.

    Besides, all I ever really write in-depth about is Evangelion, and you only complain when I do that.

    “Your bed: Sleep on it.”
    “Coach, I think it’s sleep /in/ it-”

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