Fareed Zakaria Duels with the “Mouth of Sauron”

I watched this live when it first aired on CNN on Sunday, and have been camping out on the website to snag the video. The entire thing is fantastic, because Fareed Zakaria is probably the most intelligent man on cable news, hands down. His show is a faint glimmer of what the media (and, I guess by proxy, the medium) is capable of, and what I hope it will tend towards.

The show, GPS (Global Political Square) with Fareed Zakaria, focuses on foreign affairs and takes a really analytical look at them, getting at details and nuances that are skimmed over for the sake of crappy graphics (FOX), liberal-slanted punchlines (MSNBC), and attractive male anchors (CNN). I’ll also throw Andrea Mitchel’s daytime program in with GPS because I get about ten times as much information from her show as I do CNN or FOX’s daytime crap.

Below is the video of his interview. Watch the whole thing; I promise it is worth your time. (If you’re gonna skim like a jerk anyways, the beginning and ending are the best parts)