“Why Would He Do That?”

Normally I don’t like to give stuff like this that much attention. It should be a non-story, and really there’s little-to-no information to be gained from it. That said, even I like to indulge in junk-news on occasion: As if I didn’t love President Obama enough, this really can only help his image.

Not that I care at all about the MTV’s fully-decked sparkle-spectacle that is the VMAs, but that action there of all places spawned this news story serves to underscore how funny this all is. That Kanye West would get so bent out of shape over an award of such insignificance is eyebrow-raising to begin with; that he would get all emotional about it on Leno sortof makes me giggle.

The President offhandedly calling him a ‘jackass’ is comedic gold. I just posted the audio because I hadn’t heard it before today, and it made me laugh pretty hard. Just listening to the intonation in his voice kinda reminds me that he’s a normal guy who has normal opinions and reactions to the silly stuff that goes on in our country. It helps to recall that, from time to time.