Yes You Did

I’ve been watching the fallout from the Democrats successful passage of their health care bill and Obama’s signing ceremony today. Man-oh-man. What a mess. I gotta give it to guys leading my team though: you did it! Be proud, and bask in this moment, because it is sure to not last.

To celebrate, Patrick Kennedy visited his dad, and in the spirit of the moment, Joe Biden proves once again he is merely mortal and easily excited to profanity: Truly, a man after my heart.

There’s also a lot of negative stuff flying around, about how almost all of America hates the health care bill, etc. I, for one, like it a lot, and just wanted to extend a “thank you” to the Democrats who voted for it, and Olympia Snowe, who helped in her own way. It means a lot, and I appreciate you doing it not just for people like me, who think it’s a good idea, but who you really did it for: the millions of Americans who NEED this legislation.