Revamp Complete!

In the early hours this morning the tinkering on the new design came to a decent stopping point, and I got it up and running. It took an hour or two to configure some of the new features, but building this thing offline beforehand definitely made the process go faster.

I hope the new layout is easier to navigate. It should also load quicker, as it has a smaller reliance on image-based navigation. A lot of the older entries look slightly odd in the new layout, but that’s life. Everything henceforth will be formatted with the new space limitations in mind, which ultimately should serve to be a much cleaner browsing experience.

This is version [3.0] of the blog, and I’m pleased to list the following new features:

  • Music Calendar
    (with notification of upcoming releases on the main page)
  • Random Lyrics Below the Banner
    (from an ever-expanding collection)
  • Artist Tag Cloud
  • Streamlined Archive Index

With all this back-end stuff finished, I can finally get around to doing some write-ups of all the fantastic music that’s dropped in the past few months. Stay tuned!