New Bright Eyes Track

Earlier today Saddle Creek’s longtime staple-group Bright Eyes released the first single off what may be their last album. Oberst has mentioned off-hand that the next Bright Eyes album, the People’s Key due February 15th, is likely the last to be the last release of that group.

Should that prove to be true, today’s ‘Shell Games‘ could prove to be the beginning of the end:

      Shell Games - Bright Eyes

If this song is at all representative, it looks like Conor Oberst and compnay plan to retire the ‘Bright Eyes’ moniker in style. I like how the sound has progressed, but still remains true to what we all think of when we think of Bright Eyes. I also gotta give the band props for managing to work the word ‘oscilloscopes’ into a indie pop track.

For the sake of nostalgia, I’ve appended here at the end one of my personal favorites: the closing track ‘Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved)‘ off of 2002’s Lifted -Or- The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground; one of the albums that really got me into music early back in high school.

      Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved) - Bright Eyes