New Track from Voxtrot Frontman

I arrived late to the Voxtrot party in late 2009, by means of their swan-song single ‘Berlin, Without Return…‘, released just a few months before the band broke up. To date, it’s one of my favorite single tracks, and I was pretty bummed that it was the last we’ll ever hear out of Voxtrot.

      Berlin, Without Return - Voxtrot

Fortunately, lead singer Ramesh Srivastava has decided to hop right back on the horse, and has struck out recording music again, this time on his own. His forthcoming effort, titled EP1, features ‘The King‘ as its opening track.

      The King - Ramesh Srivastava

Srivastava seems to be managing pretty well on his own, as near as I can tell. The new song doesn’t quite pack the punch of ‘Berlin’, but it’s got a lot of heart and gets your foot tapping. What I can’t tell if the three songs streaming on the site below are the full EP, or only a sample.

Either way, its good music and an encouraging development.

Voxtrot – ‘Berlin, Without Return…’
Ramesh Srivastava – EP1
Ed. Note (09/03/17): Years later this track was released on a full album:
Ramesh – The King