Keith’s Final Countdown

I was a little bummed this past Friday night to find out that Keith Olbermann, a fellow liberal fighting the good fight with his program every weeknight on MSNBC for the last eight years, had abruptly resigned.

At the time of this writing, it was still unclear what the cause of this one, but speculation was that NBC’s purchase by Kabletow-, I mean Comcast and the ensuing executive shakeup may have something to do with it.

      The Final Countdown - Europe

Whatever the reason, Keith will be missed. Certainly his spirit and that of The Countdown lives on in his protege, Rachel Maddow, (who will surely one day soon eclipse his accomplishments) as well as Lawrence O’Donnell, who was a frequent guest and substitute host on Countdown, but there is undeniably a Keith-shaped hole in the lives of the MSNBC faithful.

Thus, I offer Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown‘ because I thought it was a pretty clever play on words on my part, and I just finished watching Arrested Development.

We will miss the program, sir!


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