NPR Streaming New Bright Eyes Album

Two weeks seems like a long, long time to wait for something as good as this new Bright Eyes album is shaping up to be.

…which makes NPR’s free stream of The People’s Key a god-send.

The review is glowing, and a cursory listen here and there seems to vindicate such an evaluation.

Check it out with other free streaming ‘first listens’ at NPR Music.


  1. hey, when did that album drop? slash has it dropped already? slash is it worth buying? i’m basically asking you what i should do with my $15…bright eyes or groceries? and if it’s relevant to your decision, i’m pretty hungry.

  2. @Kate

    It came out earlier in March, and I’ve really enjoyed it a lot so far. That said, I have totally drank the Bright Eyes Kool-Aid, so maybe take my advice with a grain of salt.

    If I can get out from under the mountain of school work that’s accumulated over spring break, The People’s Key will be my next full review sometime this week.

  3. I definitely hear you. I’ve also partaken in the Bright Eyes Kool-Aid, since there are really only extreme reactions to Conor Oberst. I happen to love it. And the album is fantastic, so thanks for the heads-up. Also, email me back with other suggestions if you get a chance!! Always looking for new music.

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