I have my Google Reader set up to dump all the RSS feeds from 5-6 of the biggest Indie/Alt music blogs out there into one folder. It’s around a 100 or so items to click through every day, maybe 5-6 I am genuinely interested in, but it’s worth it more or less.

A pet peeve though: I am so sick of hearing about Best Coast and Wavves. I know Bethany Costello and The Guy From Wavves date and are a hipster-pothead-power-couple, and that they are the indie couple you can like if you are too cool for Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel, but SERIOUSLY.

If we’re not rehashing their inane Tweets we’re interviewing them about their recreational drug usage, and if we’re not talking about how excited we are for the joint tour, we’re just fawning over how eclectic their collective love of cats is…

Mainstream indie music blogs: I do not care. I’ve tried to drink the Best Coast Kool-Aid, and it tastes like my short-lived middle-school rock band if we had a girl singer and $5,000 worth of distortion pedals; I sortof just hate Wavves by association.

At least their fascination with Kanye West makes more sense because Kanye is a hillarious specimen of a human being; this Best Coast / Wavves thing is just annoying.

In other news: I am giving Titus Andronicus a try, and I feel mixed. It’s like if Ted Leo was trying to recapture the feeling of Lifted-era Bright Eyes, with a hint of Neutral Milk Hotel. Not that it’s derivative, just that it feels like I’ve already heard this album, and remember it sounding better…

Anyways. Two full-blown updates are in the queue, with Bright Eyes to follow later in February, hopefully.


  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but sex sells. I agree with you that it should be more about the music and less about relationships- I feel the same way about news.

    People are going to click on the entertainment and then possibly move to the news- maybe that’s what they’re going for with this. Just a thought.

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