Live Tracks from LCD’s Madison Square Garden Show

I spent most of tonight watching the LCD Soundsystem farewell show at Madison Square Garden, and it did not disappoint.

Word ’round the campfire is that Spike Jonze was on the scene to direct the filming of the entire spectacle, so keep your eyes open for the impending DVD release. It’s one that’ll be well worth the money.

Below are the handful of tracks I ripped from the capture I took of the show. They’re all really good, but my feed decided to buffer in the middle of ‘North American Scum’, which was one of the best parts because of a highly entertaining guest appearance by members of Arcade Fire! So that’s not here (if anyone has it, I’d be really appreciative!).

      All My Friends (Live at MSG) - LCD Soundsystem
      You Wanted A Hit (Live at MSG) - LCD Soundsystem
      Someone Great (Live at MSG) - LCD Soundsystem
      Home (Live at MSG) - LCD Soundsystem

(Sorry, this one has a dull patch in the middle I did my best to fix; plugged in my headphones which screwed with the capture feed…)

I hope you enjoy them, even if you missed the show. It was truly an emotional evening, and one I don’t think any participating LCD fan will ever forget it.

EDIT: CoS had the YouTube video of the one piece I really wanted but missed:

      North American Scum (Live at MSG) - LCD Soundsystem

Ed. Note (09/03/17): You no longer need to suffer with these crummy bootlegs- the full set can now be purchased:

LCD Soundsystem – the long goodbye


  1. Exellent Job Sir!

    I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about the concert during today as New York begins to wake up.

  2. thank you for this!!!!! unfortunately i couldn’t attend but i was listening to it on pitchfork. rip lcd soundsystem!!!!

  3. Anybody know if there is an MP3 of the concert available?. I missed pitchfork. It started at 3am my time : (

    Lcd …we are missing you already

  4. Yeah I really want an mp3 of this live show… the “SOund of Silver” was anabsolutely incredible 25 minute jam with Shit robot

  5. Thanks for the heads up, 80am.

    I missed ‘I Can Change’ when I watched it live, and they ended up doing a great job with it, from the sound of the track on your link.

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