Mailbag: Volume 3, Breakfast of Champions

AUTHOR’S NOTE: From time to time, I get e-mails from artists suggesting that I might be interested in their music. The “mailbag” is my attempt to give back by showcasing the talent of those emerging artists whose work I genuinely enjoyed.

Boston’s own Breakfast of Champions sent me their most recent track, ‘Reservoir‘, which was just released in late February.

      Reservoir - Breakfast of Champions

In trying to come up with a way to describe this song, I arrived at ‘elemental’. The components are not especially exotic (percussion, very light synth, bass, lead guitar, distinctive vocals, horns), but there’s an elegance in the simplicity of ‘Reservoir’.

What I like especially about the song is that it was mixed such that at any instant you can hone in on an individual component of the track. Too much music now devolves into a cacophonous wall of sound, and all the detail is obscured. Breakfast of Champions provides a track here that has stunning clarity without sacrificing texture.

It’s also subversively catchy; proof pudding that all politics is local, I really ended up enjoying the tune a lot.

In a funny coincidence, I go to school nearby the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and so in my head this song is about something I see every day, even if that’s probably not the band’s intent. I’m very excited to find out what happens to the group, and hopefully I can catch them at a show before too long.

Breakfast of Champions Bandcamp Page


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