New Single from M83’s Forthcoming Album

October seems like a long ways away, especially when French strato-pop group M83 drop such enticing teasers like ‘Midnight City‘ for their Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, which isn’t released until later that month.

      Midnight City - M83

I love the backing beats on this track, even if they seem a little over-the-top at first listen. The lyrics are haunting without being scary, and the song has drive without being obviously dancey, which is a pretty neat trick if you think about it.

The song has an rather alien feel to it as well, aided not in the least by its spooky cover art (see link below). Throw in a sax solo reminiscent of the Psychedelic Fur’s ‘Heartbeat’ and I can’t help but love this song ten times ’til Tuesday. The album should be spectacular, if this is any indication.

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