Lead Single from Florence + The Machine’s Forthcoming Album

London’s premiere siren and her crew are back at it again, and not a moment too soon. I was pretty tired of the radio and TV continually reminding me how good Lungs was. I should know; Florence + The Machine were one of the first groups I ever discussed back when this blog was just starting to become a ‘music blog’, and that was July, 2009.

The final single from Lungs was released a full year afterwards, in the summer of 2010, and even now in 2011 the album’s popularity shows no signs of waning. It’s a tribute to the craftsmanship that went into that record, but it’s also annoying to watch mainstream media get all excited about a record that’s nearly two years old. If it was a child, it would be speaking, for pete’s sake…

Enough ranting though. Just when you thought you were sick of F+TM though, they drop a brand new track off their forthcoming album that’s due out November!

      What The Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine

I gave the aforementioned Lungs a brief spin while I was typing this up so I could compare the new track to the older material. It holds up pretty damn well, and given the previous discussion, that’s saying something.

What the Water Gave Me‘ is a little darker in tone than their past work, and that works wonders for the group’s sound. It’s got a little more grit to it, and then at about the 2:20 mark we trade out the familiar ethereal synthesizers for an honest-to-god guitar. The addition of such a traditional element to the band’s pallet of sounds gives it a previously unaccessed degree of dimension that simply sounds great.

Expect big things in November. Enjoy this in the mean time.

Florence + The Machine – ‘What The Water Gave Me’