Mailbag: Volume 5, Voltaire Twins

AUTHOR’S NOTE: From time to time, I get e-mails from artists suggesting that I might be interested in their music. The “mailbag” is my attempt to give back by showcasing the talent of those emerging artists whose work I genuinely enjoyed.

It’s been so long since we’ve done a mailbag, or any post for that matter! At the end of August I got an e-mail about the new NSFW ‘banned’ video for the new single by Perth indie synth poppers Voltaire Twins. You can view that video right here:

Voltaire Twins – Solaris from Voltaire Twins on Vimeo.

The nudity for which it was banned from the ol’ YouTube is moderate, in a writhing group-sex-scene-from-the-Matrix-sequel sortof way, but arty enough that it isn’t tawdry or porny. I liked the video, personally.

So much so that I quickly found my way to the band’s SoundCloud page to hear more of the music, which is what really had impressed me.

I highly encourage you to hit up the SC link at the bottom, where you can stream the full Apollo EP. Clocking in at 4 songs, it’s over in roughly 16 minutes, but it’s such a rich experience that you can’t help but give it another spin the second it stops.

Initially, the video track ‘Solaris’ was the draw for me, but little by little the second track became my favorite, then the third… and finally the fourth. Every song on Apollo is worthy of being a ‘favorite’.

For the closing track, which is my present preference, ‘Silhouettes‘ paints a vivid image of a frigid, perfect world where the two objects of the song had never met.

      Silhouettes - Voltaire Twins

The ethereal synth is amazing accompaniment over the dual vocals of Tegan and Jaymes, which ring with a sharpness and clarity only a proper listen will do justice. Thumping, tribal percussion offers contrast and texture that rewards repeat listens.

Can’t recommend this one enough. Super excited to see what a full-length from these guys would look like.

Voltaire Twins’ SoundCloud Page
Purchase Apollo on iTunes

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  1. Great find! It is unusual that I like multiple tracks by a new artist I discover, but this is an exception. Thanks for posting!

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